It seems like she hasn’t done anything since Produce 101 which is disappointingEunjung is one of the lead roles of the kdrama, Lovely Horror-vely. That lead to him taking an unwanted two-year break from acting.He returned to acting with a changed mindset and newly found determination. Age sure isn’t a problem in love, right?A couple of hours after the report came out, Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum’s relationship was confirmed by the agency after checking with the actor and model themselves. I was so sad about the bullying scandal and that she left…I think you should add JiYeon’s Instagram. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.Learn More About Namgoong Min and Jin Ah-reum’s Relationship Hyomin also dances better than Jiwon, so I find it hard to believe Jiwon would have been Lead Dancer or Visual. He added the caption, Here’s the photo from On Joo Wan’s official Instagram account:On October 8, 2018, it was reported by the news that Namgoong Min will be appearing on an upcoming KBS drama series called The actor’s agency, 935 Entertainment, gave their response by commenting, “Namgoong Min will be challenging himself with a new genre of drama that he’s never done before!Namgoong Min’s agency finally gave confirmation of the actor’s upcoming appearance on In the drama, Namgoong Min will play the lead male role, named Nah Yi Jae. The rumors alleged the original T-ara members to be bullying the newly-added members, due to unfair treatment and jealousy. Her departure closely followed her fellow member Hwa-young’s departure just a few months earlier. And what pushed her over the edge to quit the idol life altogether? Blood Type: Movies. The 21 Hottest Celebrity Couples Of 2016.

Check it out!It’s always touching when the cast of a drama series becomes really close, and the same goes to the cast of the 2016 SBS drama series On Joo Wan shared a photo of a recent gathering with some of the cast on January 10. Three main vocalist ?

Moments like this, which could be passed off as mere accidents became ammunition for the public to start hating on T-ara in support, first, of Hwa-young, and then Ah-reum.As years went on, Hwa-young still stuck with her initial story of being the victim of bullying within the group. Jin Ah Reum is a Korean top model, advertisement star, and actress. I love her since Cry Cry days. I believe hers is @jiyeon2__T-ara bias can’t be only for 3 members as all are outstanding and everybody in their own part is best, like EunJung in rapping, Qri in song and music etc.well bullying her is not true as you see each and every video is either edited or incident had a reason before happening, It’s just media used by Hwayoung to break T-ara group.Soyeon and Boram both left T-ara due to contracts(??) In 2012, rumors of internal bullying within the members of T-ara, focusing on the supposed victims, Hwa-young and Ah-reum, surfaced on the internet. Birth Name: Lee Ah Reum, Stage Name: Areum, Birthday: April 19, 1994, Height: 167 cm, Instagram:@army1004, Both of her parents are in the music industry, She was the second new member to be announced, She is in T-ARA's sub-unit T-ARA N4 with other members Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Ahreum, She is set to debut as a solo artist in early 2014 Part of the reason why she left, as per speculation of netizens and fans alike, is largely attributed to the bullying, whether  Ah-reum was a victim or a bystander that was somehow complicit.Hwa-young has claimed that the bullying which occurred within the group was quite extensive, with members ignoring her presences to the point of near-violence. Hyun Wook Chae, 1, * Il Suh, 2, * Ah Reum Kwon, 1 Ye Jin Kim, 1 Yong Hyuk Kim, 1 Dae Ryong Kang, 3 Ha Yan Kim, 3 Sun Min Oh, 2 Hyeon Chang Kim, 2 Duk Hee Kim, 4 and Ho-Seong Kim 1 Namgoong Min took a role in Jin Ah Reum was a Korean Actress and Model who was born in Seoul on November 9, 1989.

We provide you with the latest Korean news. The source explained that they first met each other as director and lead actress when they were filming a movie called They started dating last August and continue to shower each other with love and affection, according to the source. They met as director and actress in the short film "Light my Fire". hwayoung is a liar……………….she never said she was bullied, rumors came up on their own and she confirmed on the unit she left because of mental issuesAnd the Areum scandal, when she was threatened by Hyoyoung (Hwayoung’s twin sister) she was the one who had mental issuesthanks for explaining and finding links to the issues. Hyomin covered all of Soyeon’s lines and Qri covered all of Boram’s in What’s my name. This seemed particularly weird and ‘off’, as she had only just been included in T-ara’s subunit lineup, T-ara N4. It’s really appreciated! Namgoong Min is an actor, director, and screenwriter, who was born on March 12, 1978. © Byeol Korea 2019 Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. She plays as the girlfriend of Phillip.Jiyeon acted in “Master of Study” in 2010 as Na Hyeon JeongShe never debuted in T-ara (released song or anything) so I dont think it countsactually Jiwon was a Lead vocal (she became main vocal at UNIT due to her good voice),she also was a member who has a lot of fans since their debut thus she obtains Visual.Numerous of pages assume this.Jiae is a Main Vocalist and I think Areum is only a Lead Vocalist or Vocalist?It is true,T-ara members have not renewed their contract since december 2017,which means that they will disbandnot renew the contract does not always mean disbandment, Jiyeon even said that T-ara are not disbanded yet.