These trivia Questions Quiz is from the game show where people go to show off just how much you know about sixth grade classes. Each question is associated with a grade level; there are two questions per grade, from first to fifth. Let's see if you have enough trivia knowledge to go all the way.Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest.Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. The OFFICIAL Facebook page for Nickelodeon’s Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader On celebrity episodes, the consolation prizes are cash donations to the celebrity's favorite charity. Each correct answer increases the multiplier by one (for example, two correct answers would be three times the bank; a $10,000 bank worth a total of $30,000); correctly answering every five fifth-grade questions correctly increases the initial bank by ten.

As in the original version, winning the maximum prize of $100,000 entitled a contestant to confess to a camera that "I am smarter than a 5th grader! If you get a certificate (60% or higher), you ARE smarter than a 5th grader!!! Find out if you actually should have passed 5th grade by taking this accurate test This does not appear the case in the game show. If the contestant answers the bonus question wrong, they lose everything, but if they had earned at least $2,500 before the bonus question, then they receive a consolation prize in the form of a $2,500 prepaid card.

A comprehensive database of more than 27 are you smarter than a 5th grader quizzes online, test your knowledge with are you smarter than a 5th grader quiz questions. The answer might make you question everything you knew about math.

However, you’d be surprised at how little we know about subjects like geography and maths that they can rattle off...

In each game, the contestant (an adult) is asked a series of eleven questions, spanning ten subjects (such as Gym, Spelling or Art) taken from textbooks for first through fifth grade students. "; if the contestant did not win the full $100,000, they instead have to declare the statement: "I am The following is the cast for the Nickelodeon version:The first season of the original series averaged 11.5 million viewers.This article is about the original series. The show premiered as a three-day special which began on February 27, 2007 with the first two shows each a half-hour in length.

On celebrity episodes, the consolation prizes are cash donations to the celebrity's favorite charity. Fairly easy i just made it up so i hope you  enjoy it. Season 2 shortened the game by reducing the number of questions before the bonus question down to eight while fifth grade questions are removed from the main game. One of the most popular tests available today, our 5th grade quiz is perfect for anyone who wants to know if they can pass the grade. The player can answer the questions (either true/false, a three-answered multiple-choice question, or short-answered question) in any order; contestants lock in their answers by pressing the button on the podium, and each correct answer raises their cumulative amount of winnings to the next level (see table at right); after answering the fifth question correctly, they are guaranteed to leave with at least $25,000. In time measurement, how many minutes are in a quarter of an hour? Let's see if you have enough trivia knowledge to go all the way. Once the first part of the game is completed, the contestant faces the fifth grade. If you are a fan of Jeff Foxworthy's show, then you do not want to pass the opportunity to take this quiz!

These questions are written by elementary school students, who submit them via the show's Web site. Don't be afraid... you probably already passed 5th grade (and we won't share your results with your teacher)! Once the discussion is over, the contestant locks in an answer to that question, and is then told whether the answer is right or wrong. if you get half right you have the brain of a 3rd grader. Are YOU smarter than a fifth grader? 71 talking about this. Are you smater than a 5th grader? The money grows as follows: (if pass quiz) What is the probability it will land on an even number? The contestant may choose to "drop out" at any point during the game (with the exception of the peek cheat noted above), which entitles them to leave the game with any winnings they have accrued. What can be added to 6x to get 9y?Karim spins the spinner. Fox Apparently it's been revived and is currently hosted by John Cena, but we're talking about the 2007 edition.

The contestant is allowed a "Peek" and a "Copy" during the first part of the game.