If we’re talking about guitars that are often mistaken for Teiscos, we need to start out talking about Teisco,... Teisco Gen Gakki.

Show only makers of specific products. Later on, to honour his contribution, many For years of consistently research and development, Takamine keeps enhancing not only the design but also the quality of each product line to satisfy the need of players.Whether you’re looking for your first guitar or you’re an experienced pro, a Takamine The reason is that a wide range of different body styles means there’s a Takamine guitar for any player.If you prefer the loud, bold tone of a dreadnought body, check out the “GD” series. Taken from my previous post about Japanese guitar brands […][…] it up and make a Youtube video of it before it was gone.

If you see one at a flea market, yard sale, or anywhere else you should definitely try to own it.The last name appears on this list should be Alvarez However, do you know this brand name actually comes from Japan?You’ll find more than enough collections to pick when you go with Alvarez.From the body’s shape to the materials and woods used, these are all elements of an Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that every Supported by unskillful and professionals worldwide, the tone and playability of an Alvarez This research may not be comprehensive and cover every There is a chance that you can run into some other names such as Atlansia, Chushin Gakki, Daimaru, Guyatone, Hayashi/Zenon, Hitachi Gakki, Hoshino Gakki Ten (Tama), Humming Bird, Kasuga Tokai, Kawai Teisco, or Zen-On, please be noticed they are all Furthermore, this piece of paper is subject to the writer’s knowledge. Rare and high end Tokai equipped with its original DiMarzio PAF's, Nitro Lacquer Finish, Flame Top *** FOR SALE ***One of the rarest vintage MIJ LP's.

In the 1960s, Japanese manufacturers flooded the market with truly unique guitar designs. The soundhole info sticker reads: Selmer division of The Magnavox Company- Elkhart, Indiana-Made in Japan. Bought it from Sears I believe, with a silvertone amp.

Tokai ES 150J - 1981 (335) Highest Grade, Transparent Red, Cashew Finish, Ebony Fretboard. 1973 Guyatone LG 350T Sharp 5 Guitar. Beautiful Navigator copy of a 1956 Gold Top with Maxon P-90's. Then, they were able to create custom order high-end guitars in Japan.Instead of providing USA guitar replicas and selling them at lower prices, the guitar maker decided to select only the best resources and hardware in an actual effort to create the best of the best.Another fact in regards to ESP is that they started manufactured guitars for other brands.Denoted to in the guitar business as being a “ghost builder”.

Almost identical to a Takamine I have. The list might not be complete but it’s a good start. According to my previous post about Japanese guitar brands Maya was made by Chushin Gakki in Kobe, Japan, during the 1970-80’s. Tokai badged guitars included the house brand Tokai as well as Cat’s Eyes, Conrad, Drifter, Hondo, Love Rock, Mosrite, Sigma and Silver Star. I ended up buying a

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Consequently, the GC-series models were developed and debuted in 1967.What more does Yamaha contribute to the guitars lovers?Before selling these new lines outside the country, electric models, included the SG-series solid-body guitars plus the SB-2 solid-body bass, were distributed domestically.The materials, technique and playability of Yamaha’s steel-string as well as nylon-string designs made up a remarkably better level than most other For more than 50 years of presence and several product lines, its quality still matches its reputation closely and is worth every penny you spend.As a consequence, it is no doubt that Yamaha guitars are one of the The second name on this list will be Takamine, another Through time, Takamine has proudly dedicated itself to the art of the most excellent guitar craftsmanship.Opening in 1959 at the foot of Mount Takamine in the central Japanese town of Sakashita, Takamine was merely a small family-run guitar shop.At that time, no one could be aware that small shop would achieve glaring success and become the giant Takamine company in manufacturing guitar industry.Since 1962, it took the mountain’s name after gaining extreme popularity in Japan.It is widely believed that the arrival of Luthier Mass Hirade, in 1968, marked an incredible turning point in the company history.Many effective design and manufacturing improvements were introduced by the master, which help Takamine become a leading builder in the industry.

It’s suggested that Tokai made Hummingbird acoustics as well, but if these were related to those made by Humming Bird I haven’t quite sorted out yet. […][…] fully laminated. 1969 Apollo Red Baron Guitar.

1965 Intermark Cipher Charger Guitar. I’ve tried Japanese, Korean guitar maker search to no avail.

Intermark was the house brand for a US importer who ordered these guitars from Shinko Gakki. Many electric guitarists have recognized the value of ‘70s Japanese-made electric guitars from the likes of Tokai, Ibanez, Yamaha, and others, but acoustic players have been slower to appreciate the riches available from the era.In fact, Japanese guitar making had reached a peak during that decade, having perfected the mass production of quality instruments at a time … I started playing piano at the age of seven. It’s badged as a Diplomat and also has a tag Diplomat custom on it. My friend had a Howard Basswho makes J. Steele guitars?!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know a lot about guitars but from what I’ve searched it looks similar to a Gibson black beauty except for the fret board is staggered different closer to the body, and obviously the head it badged Diplomat. This contract work was obviously fueling financially ESP dream to become a flagship brand of its own.It is because Yamaki was originally a product line on Daion in the early Eighties.