Instead of duplicating every aspect of the Vancouver shipyard operations at the Tellico Lake site, Christensen will have most of the work done in Vancouver.“I never used to think this, but now I think America could lead again in manufacturing if it adapted lean,” he says. He recalls one a phone call from … (The company is cautious about providing information about buyers, having faced a lawsuit from golfer Tiger Woods on claims that it had failed to keep its agreement not to disclose his identity. The finest yachts often sell used for more than their original purchase price, filling a demand among people who aren’t willing to wait out a two-year construction period. Foggia and his stepfather, shipyard founder Dave Christensen, took on Luken as half-owner in 2003.Most important, in Foggia’s view, was the company’s restructuring 18 months ago, applying the principles of lean manufacturing to a complex workplace that includes finish carpenters, stone-workers, metal smiths, and upholsterers. The builder said a core team of Palmer Johnson employees will be transferred to Europe to maintain the builder’s operations, including moving the construction of its popular line of aluminium SportYachts to The Netherlands, which has now been revealed as HJB.Palmer Johnson said it will be "taking over the Holland Jachtbouw facility" and manufacturing its carbon and aluminium series of yachts here.When it confirmed the closure of its US yard in an official statement, Palmer Johnson said it made a strategic decision to move its building operations to Europe where it will focus on its new carbon composite SuperSport series of yachts, like the The luxury yacht builder reports it has had a strong interest in the SuperSport range and finds it competitively advantageous to build in Europe. In 2009, it launched a sister company, Renewable Energy Composite Solutions, to manufacture components for the wind and wave industries. )The company is a leader in advanced navigation devices, including a GPS-guided system that holds a stilled boat in place without an anchor, and advanced boat stabilization devices.“They started out in the early days under Dave Christensen with fiberglass yachts of 90 to 100 feet,” says Cohen.

He’s already applying what he’s learned to the Tennessee plant. In early September, Palmer Johnson said it was closing its Wisconsin shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, affecting 100 jobs. A low point came in the Summer of 2010, when the Christensen told its suppliers it would be late in its payments because of a short-term cash flow problem.Christensen weathered the storm by embracing rapid change, not an easy task for a manufacturer of products that take 28 months to build.
My lady and I are planning on retiring around spring 2019 and buying and outfitting and living aboard a bluewater capable boat of around 35' to 40'. Last fall, he purchased another Christensen yacht, christened Remember When, sailing it for months with friends and family. Christensen and Woods reached an out-of-court settlement for an undisclosed amount, reported in some media accounts to be $1.6 million. That same year, Christensen forged a business alliance with Ocean Alexander, a Taiwan yacht builder in need of an American partner to bolster its stature.It helped during the lean years to have support from deep-pocketed Tennessee investor Henry Luken. Foggia now believes the shipyard can operate at full capacity with about 250 employees — less than half its pre-recession peak employment. Foggia sees a growing interest in sustainability and energy efficiency among yacht customers, and he sees a potential convergence between the yacht company and its renewable energy sibling. The yacht was the first in the shipyard's advanced production programme, which had Christensen build 157ft yachts on speculation, with the goal of selling them to owners with reduced delivery times. He recalls one a phone call from one prospective buyer, an older man who was considering whether to buy new or used. As Palmer Johnson consolidates its … The cable entertainment network owner had dropped by the shipyard during a cruise to Alaska in the late 1990s and had purchased a half-finished yacht on the spot. “Joe Foggia is taking it to a whole different level.”On a shipyard tour, he points to a large protrusion from the front of a boat, a device called a bulbous bow that alters the boat’s wake to improve fuel efficiency. Unlike fellow US yacht builder Christensen, which closed its doors without warning only to be sold to its co-owner months later, Palmer Johnson has given its employees a 60-day notice of its plans to close the US yard. Foggia won’t comment. Denison announces the sale of NEGOSEATOR, a 105' Arno Leopard yacht built in 2005 and located in Mi…   That’s good news for the shipyard’s bottom line, but is reflective of the larger challenge of the U.S. economy as companies find ways to return to full productivity with fewer workers.Foggia, 42, sees the shipyard as having a strong foundation as it moves toward full recovery. No date has been set to open the company’s second shipyard, on Tennessee’s Tellico Lake, which will create a couple hundred more jobs, but Foggia predicts that expansion within the next year.“The last few years have been really tough, for sure,” says Foggia, a powerfully built man who has headed the company since 2000.

The company now employs 175 and currently is hiring about 10 new workers a week, at $17 to $24 per hour.
Rosatti, who has made fortunes in auto sales and waste management industries, owned a Christensen yacht, Nice N’ Easy, for six years, selling it recently for $1 million more that its purchase price.