GPS is being used worldwide, but I think few people are aware that it’s controlled and owned by the American government.They also have the possibility to shut it down at any time.Often referred to as “The land of the Free” and Americans have the right to express themselves freely in print and speech.His name was Robert G. Heft and he did it as a school project. While both birds have orange breasts and upright postures, however, they do not … Such smart work and reporting! Pineapples, bananas, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, cinnamons, cloves, saffron, rice and corn are some East African cuisines. One of the many interesting facts about the USA, which shows their power and influence over the world. Explore Black American culture and its impact on broader communities and trends. Trivia About American Robins . But during World War II a lot of women went to work in factories and began to wear trousers for their jobs. Swear words and insults to another person’s race, religion, or gender are not acceptable in American conversations.Americans like to look each other in the eye when they are talking and don’t like people who won’t. Molly Pitcher got her nickname for carrying a pitcher of water to soldiers on the battlefields of the Revolutionary War. If you are interested to know the various human civilizations in the world, check There are many tribes native to Africa. It was first adopted back in 1777 the 14th of June.Below are links to the best deals on hotel and accommodation.Hey! And globally, The U.S. uses almost 1/4 of the world’s energy.If your name is James or Mary, you got the most common male and female names. The U.S. citizens can travel to 116 countries without a visa requirement and get a visa on arrival in additional 44 countries.China is growing fast, but the U.S. Economy is still the world’s biggest when measuring GDP.The US is often referred to as the Land of Dreams or the Land of Opportunity.

In honor of the cultural observance, the U.S. Census Bureau has compiled a series of facts about the Asian American community.How much do you know about the diverse groups that make up this community? Peony farms blossomed from zero in 2000 to more than 200 in 2014. Both Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made headway in the business sector in recent years. The realistic style of paintings was found in portraits and landscape in the beginning of 19th century. Women usually wore skirts or dresses, sometimes puffed out by a petticoat of many layers of material worn underneath.

Here are ten interesting facts about Mexican Culture. As for surname, Smith is the most common one. Great to See You Here, Today I am going to Share with You Some Amazing I am a web master and CMS Expert having an experience of more then 5 years! It is a day of giving thanks for everything you have, and families enjoy a traditional feast of roast turkey and side dishes like vegetables, mashed potatoes,  sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. They are Native Americans, European/Spanish descent, and mixed European/Spanish and Native American ancestry. Pumpkin pie is a traditional Thanksgiving dessert.America has many folk tales. Below are several Native American cultural facts that may help in the understanding of the rich history of Native Americans and the important role they’ve played in shaping modern culture.

Due to longstanding cultural mythology and the fact that Native Americans constitute one of the smallest racial groups in the United States, misinformation about indigenous peoples abounds. The Midwest has historically been a beef and grain producing area so meats, potatoes, and bread are traditional foods here. The American dream is well known around the world, so it might not be a surprising fact about the USA that the country is home to the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world!Anything is possible in the United States of America!In the middle of the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia, the U.S. and Russia own 1 island each which are divided by the international date line. Privacy is valued by Americans and most believe in progress and hope – that is, that tomorrow can be better than today if everyone works at it.America uses a lot of food-related phrases when describing itself!