As soon as you drop down on top of the mine car, the humanoids will push you to the far left.Move off of the mine car and into the area to the left. As you move to the left, you need to move the torch left and right as the dogs approach from either side. Go back to the level above and head all the way to the left to find a large mine car. So begins the 20 man puzzle. Break off the torch just beyond the water and continue to the left. When you get close to the edge you automatically drop the dead body down to the floor below. There are multiple dogs ahead that will attack from either side, but as long as you have the torch pointed toward them, the dogs will be too afraid to attack. At the peak of the lift you can jump to the circular cage hanging to the right. As you leap for the helmet, things will go a bit wrong, but then a bit right. Uranium Mines. Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project. You need to pull the lever on top of the yellow switch box, then wait for it to move into the air and push the red box under it so the yellow switch box lands on the red box.Once this is done, stand on top of the yellow switch box and activate it again to get much better lift. Move left and right to gain enough momentum to jump across to the adjacent rope on the left, then repeat this process to reach the ledge to the left.Continue to head left until you see a light fixture ahead. At the far end of this chamber is a pod holding three men who are trapped. Rotate the wheel to lower the lift until the humanoids gather around you on the lift. Inside Game Walkthrough and Guide - Find all Hidden Orb Collectibles and the Secret Ending Make your way through every area of Inside and final all of the hidden orbs and secret ending. When you slide down into the mines area, there’s gate to the left with a man behind it. Move to the right and dive down again to move under the next obstacle, then head back up to the surface again.Get out of the water and make your way to the right. Clearing out the mines will also cause an assassin named Nimbul to show up in Nashkel by the inn, and Elminster to make an appearance in the southeastern part of Beregost. Exits. Move to the right until you return to the beginning of the mine. Now go back down the lift to the middle floor and head left. Make sure you stop right below the the gap in the ceiling above.
This is going to come into play very shortly as you make your way right past an elevator to a large sealed and ominous door, where a single man stands on a pressure plate. Continue right past them and swim through a short tunnel to find a platform with two ropes you need to swing to leading to a plank coming back to the helmet. Run up to it and try pulling it. While still on the middle floor head all the way to the far right. Luckily the humanoids catch you so you don’t fall to your death.At this point you’re in control of a group of humanoids, but unlike most other times, you move along with the humanoids as you control them. Jump into the water and move to the far right, then dive underwater and quickly move to the opening on the right, then back up to the surface for air as soon as you’re able to. The Mines is the seventh part of the game in Inside. Once it picks up speed about halfway down the ramp, move the lever back to the original position so that the mine car elevates to the platform on the right and drops to the ground, giving you even more humanoids to control.You’ve now collected all of the humanoids you need to continue. Head to the elevator and take it down to the bottom and move right to a lift, and a broken ladder further down where several men are standing below a helmet high up. Climb up the rock wall then turn to the left and jump over to the hanging rope.
Now head back to the ladder on the side of the wooden planks you just climbed up. Go down and squeeze through the pipe.