Trustworthy describes something you can believe in — it's completely reliable. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It is your job to assess each person's trustworthiness by scrutinizing their statements for potential bias. However, when displayed by an individual with antisocial traits, a smile can make them appear In a follow-up with another 283 participants, the researchers repeated their experiment with slightly altered descriptions of the other person’s personality. If the police determine that the apparent jogger was actually involved in an illegal activity at the time he was bitten, the wounded man faces a penalty and the woman is off the hook. Every eyewitness account of an event involves points of view and opinion to some degree. Know that you are always okay. They mostly replicated their results. Depending upon your personality, a smile can increase “In most cases, a smile makes someone appear more trustworthy. You ask her what happened. Trust is one of the most important qualities necessary for a serious relationship—but it can also be difficult to know that you have it.

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The other person would then either share back some of what they received or keep all of it. Even if you are let down. "This guy was jogging down the street and a big dog came running out and attacked him," the man says. A trust is a way to pass on money and other assets. These descriptions were paired with a brief video clip that showed them with either a neutral expression or a smile.In the investment game, each participant was given $0.50 and was free to decide how much of that money he or she would give to the other person. By using ThoughtCo, you accept ourHow to Write a Bibliography For a Science Fair Project

You take a few steps and approach a woman.

If you are filled with dread at the idea of suggesting to your higher-up managers that it might help your company if there were more trust on the team -- … A man is lying on the ground with a leg wound and several paramedics and police officers are buzzing around him. However, when displayed by an individual with antisocial traits, a smile can make them appear less trustworthy. That is, they included the zygomaticus major muscle pulling the lip corner upwards and the orbicularis oculi muscle raising the cheeks. One investigates the communicative functions of facial expressions and the other investigates personality disorders. The following tips will help you determine the trustworthiness of your sources: . Smiles increased the amount of money transferred for both those described as having either borderline personality pathology or no personality pathology, but decreased the amount transferred for those described as having antisocial personality pathology.The findings indicate that “both your emotional state and your personality traits affect the ways that people perceive you and interact with you. It can be helpful to put the topic of trustworthy sources into perspective with an exercise. It's probably time to find a third source of information and one who is not a stakeholder in this scene. Your job as a researcher is to use the most trustworthy sources to find the most accurate information. It can minimize hassle and fees for loved ones, or create a legacy of charitable giving. You only tell your secrets to a trustworthy friend.

Two different people have given different accounts of an event. Depending upon your personality, a smile can increase or decrease how you are perceived and treated by others,” Reed told PsyPost. A small spectator crowd has gathered, so you approach one of the