If you can see it, so can your teammates.Outside of these sources of vision, you also have the ability to create more vision using items called “wards”.At the beginning of the match, every player in the game has access to a free item, called the Warding Totem, which is also known as the “yellow ward”.Use the yellow ward to protect yourself by alerting your team of enemy movement. Doing so will cause a champion to continually attack a target until it dies.Abilities are cast using Q, W, E, and R. Every champion has abilities that are unique to them for each of these buttons. Having an instant high-damage nuke is probably not in anyone's best interests. Slaying the crab will grant vision in the river near the openings of each respective pit.The Scuttle Crab is incredibly easy to kill because it doesn’t fight back but it can be hard to consistently take because it will be highly prioritized due to the free vision it provides. Activating the Eye will summon the Herald to fight for your team by attacking enemy structures until it dies. Eventually, one team is able to get the upper hand and make a final push for a victory.This is the standard map that the professionals play on and it’s where you’d be if you were trying to climb the ranked ladder.There are other maps in League, but for now, we’ll focus on Summoner’s Rift since it’s where you’ll likely be spending most of your time.There are two teams of five players: the blue team (base at bottom left corner) and the red team (base at the top right corner).To achieve victory, one team has to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus (basically the core of their base).During a match, minions will continually spawn from each base’s Nexus and proceed through the three lanes (the paths are shown in the graphic above).The three lanes are known as top lane, mid lane, and bot lane. If an inhibitor is destroyed, upgraded minions, called Super Minions, will spawn until an inhibitor respawns after a few minutes.At the beginning of each game, you’ll begin at your fountain. Once you’ve mastered an area, you’ll be guided to another skill to focus.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Here’s an example:You’ll see all types of advice: tips and tricks, infographics, videos, article links, the list goes on! This makes it much easier to push toward the enemy Nexus since it’s harder for the enemy team to kill the empowered minions and easier for your team to defend them.If you do not outright win by pushing with Baron minions, the enemy base will likely be destroyed enough to make your future attempts much easier. Either way, your created rune page will stay saved until you delete it for another one or change it.When creating a rune page there are three main components:Note that choosing runes can be tricky because you can only choose one rune per row, so make sure to keep that in mind.The primary tree grants you access to a rune tree’s most powerful choices, known as a keystone. It can often help you take the first turret in the game which can help swing an even game into your favor.One last tip is that activating the Eye requires a short amount of channeling time – if the player using it is interrupted by a hard crowd control effect such as a stun, silence, or knockup., they will fail to summon the Rift.So if you’re using it, be sure to do so safely away from combat. Auto-attacks, also known as “basic attacks” occur when a player right clicks on a target.

Once one of League's more 'vanilla' spells, it's turned into a multi-charge, multi-augmented ability that provides tons of utility.

During the early game he’s focused on farming and won’t do that much damage and in the mid game, he’s vulnerable during skirmishes since they often happen from multiple angles.You can learn power spikes over time by just playing but you can study them at any time by checking out The bottom line is to look to fight when your champion is at their most powerful state and to be wary of enemies when they are about to hit their powerIf you made it this far through the article, respect!