According to SoapNet, Victoria is "ruthless in the board room" and "nobody's damsel in distress". However, they remarried the same year before divorcing in 1998.Billy and Victoria have been married three times. Cristie loves writing about all the news, rumors and plotlines. Victor shows up at the trailer where he finds Victoria half naked. She then married Brad and then JT and is now married to Billy Abbott and I believe they make a great couple. When it was realized that Victor wasn't Cole's father. Billy snaps at Victoria and blames her for Delia's death because he left the child alone in a car by herself at night to buy ice cream for her party. Travis explains that it was his past life, however he wanted to do something else besides being an executive. Please explain.I think Julia understood Victor, better than any of his wives.

After several years abroad, she is approached by Jack Abbott who offers her the job of Jabot CEO if she returns to Genoa City. However, they find that they really like each other, and they keep putting it off. Victoria breaks down when she see's a red mark on her throat. JT apologizes, and proposes to her. They buy a house together and Victoria then becomes pregnant. Love is bringing about a change in these two.

Victoria and JT rekindled their relationship, to where Victoria hires him on the security team. The soap opera's writers originally detailed Victor and Nikki to marry and divorce or depart from each other in some form or fashion or continuous cycle, a take on the original supercouple formula. They see JT yelling at Victoria and shaking her, and Nikki grabs a fire poker and hits JT over the head. She suspects Gabe was involved in framing Victor, and matters are only made worse for Gabe when a gun is found at Chelsea's apartment. Victoria and JT go to counseling to work on their relationship. After Victor not appreciating her talents Victoria quits working at Newman, Victoria gets her company Brash and Sassy back, and has Caine, Billy, and Lily work for her.

Still reeling from the pain of Nikki’s marriage to Jack, Victor turned to Ashley for comfort and they were married.But Victor and Nikki couldn’t stay away from each other, Victor divorced Ashley and Nikki divorced Jack. Victor, thinking Julia was having an affair, had a secret vasectomy. In addition to the modeling career, Julia wanted a baby. Billy attempted to make peace with Victoria, but he was drunk, and only made things worse when he tried to hit on her. The women show her support, and Nikki vows to protect her even more. When Victoria realizes that she loves Travis, she chases him to his boat where they both make love. Victoria admitted the truth. Victor made a settlement offer that Victoria refused to accept. Heather Tom said that Victoria had Victor's strength and the manipulative skills of her former-alcoholic mother Nikki. The couple briefly separate, however Victoria decides to continue the marriage because of her attachment to Billy's son, Johnny.. Victoria forgives Travis and understands his reasons. —Sherry L., Whitehall, Pa. With 14 “I dos” under his belt, Genoa City’s resident Casanova, Victor Newman … ‘The Young and the Restless’ Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] has been married to a total of nine women. Things are even more complicated by the involvement of Victoria covers and lies for Victor when he is accused of shooting Jack. What I've been trying to do over the years is a mix of heroine and humor, but someone who could run a business. Victoria fires Jordan after Nicki had inform her that he was hired by Victor to follow her and take pictures of her and Jack. I would imagine just because I’ve watched the show for 33 years as well as played it – they’ve got to get back together! Victoria escapes and locks the bathroom door. Victoria also deals with a former employee name Juliette who she fired due to messing up an interview with Billy for Basha and Sassy. While the character was a teenager, Kelly O'Sullivan of the New York Daily Newscalled her "the teen from hell". Victoria tries to call the cops but JT grabs her and Victoria tries to fight back to where JT slaps her. Victoria and her siblings pursue a lawsuit against Victor to gain control of a cosmetics line. Travis later tells Victoria that he is selling his bar and is going on a boat. Diane was murdered by Nikki and that was the end of that.Sabrina Costelana’s [Raya Meddine] romance with Victor was doomed from the beginning. She and Billy get married but the feds come to arrest Victoria for bribery before the ceremony is finished.

They later learn that Victor turned her in to keep her from marrying Billy. Victor whisked Leanna off in his private jet to an unknown location and the pair returned to Genoa City married. Billy tries to take it back, but Victoria seems to know how he feels, and even accepts the name Mrs. Abbott. Victoria is furious when Billy informs her that Cain sabotaged his interview by having the camera man edited the video making it look like Billy was talking about gabling. However they reconcile after the sudden and tragic death of Cassie Newman.