In 2007, NBCUniversal (the show's distributor) and Apple Inc. (iTunes' owner) had a disagreement that temporarily kept the fourth season off iTunes. In 2004, Shore, Attanasio and Jacobs, pitched the show (untitled at the time) to Fox as a After Fox picked up the show, it acquired the working title References to the fact that House was based on the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle appear throughout the series. His investigatory method is to eliminate diagnoses logically as they are proved impossible; Holmes used a similar method. At the time of the casting session, Hugh Laurie was in Namibia filming the movie Laurie later revealed that he initially thought the show's central character was Dr. James Wilson. Okay, no, that's putting it mildly. A likely time for House and Wilson meeting is the summer of 1995: Wilson's brother Danny (who House didn't know existed) disappeared 9 years before Season 1, while Wilson was still in medical school; Wilson's first wife Sam sent him divorce papers just after he graduated, which is when the convention happened, and all references to their marriage state they were married for fewer than two years, so the last years of Wilson's med school; Sam was about to move to Baltimore, presumably for her residency after she finished an unpaid internship, and Wilson planned to follow her there, but his degrees say he took his medical school degree up at the University of Pennsylvania, not far from Princeton University and Trenton, Danny's last known location; Cuddy is supposed to have met Wilson at some point during the period between his first divorce and his marriage to Bonnie, so House likely introduced them around the time House was hired at PPTH, when Wilson still would've been a resident. When Della, a seemingly healthy and active 14-year-old, suddenly collapses during a skateboarding exhibition, House and his team struggle to diagnose her condition and reassure her parents who already have to cope with their son's terminal illness. He acquired it by Wilson buying it for him after his dog chewed the last one. After House joined PPTH an opening in the hospital's budding The Flame Cane, House's 6th and most famous cane. Another theory is that considering that his punishments were more harsh, John more than likely, abused House as a way of exercising his frustration at Blythe's infidelity.

In addition to the three who are chosen, the other four finalists are General critical reaction to the character of Gregory House was particularly positive.

In 2004, Shore, Attanasio and Jacobs, pitched the show (untitled at the time) to Fox as a CSI-style medical detective program, a hospital whodunit in which the doctors investigated symptoms and their causes. He later discovered the man was a In his late teenage years, House went to a prep school in the United States where, in addition to keeping very good grades, he played varsity lacrosse and demonstrated a keen interest in music, both modern and classical. House isn't the only one who does experiments on himself. John treated House coldly, likely due to a lack of understanding between the two. House was born in 1959. The only people he doesn't object to addressing him as "Greg" are Stacy Warner and his parents. A new opening sequence was introduced in season seven to accommodate the changes in the cast, removing Morrison's name and including Jacobson and Wilde's. Meanwhile, A year has passed since House crashed his car into Cuddy's home, and House is spending time behind bars at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility under the close watch of the prison warden. House went to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where he was in the pre-med program, maintaining an excellent GPA and eventually getting a perfect score on his Despite his academic misconduct, House was accepted into the House attended a medical convention in New Orleans, Louisiana where he noticed a young medical school graduate carrying around unopened divorce papers all weekend. These traits make him something of a Occasionally, House can display the same sort of hypocrisy he decries in others, such as his derision for Cuddy when she had the naming ceremony for her daughter. It was probably this unconditional love that led House to pursue his dreams. With Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard. House was born in 1959. House has a House's original team of diagnosticians consists of Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), a neurologist; Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer), an intensivist; and Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), an immunologist. The show received a Peabody Award for what the Peabody board called an "unorthodox lead character—a misanthropic diagnostician" and for "cases fit for a medical Sherlock Holmes", which helped make Laurie won the Screen Actors Guild's award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series in both 2007 and 2009.

. Directed by Juan José Campanella. Cuddy orders House to fill her position with another woman, but eventually makes the choice for him: medical student Martha M. Masters (Amber Tamblyn), who makes her first appearance in the season's sixth episode While Jacobson and Wilde play central characters (as did Penn), they did not receive star billing until season seven. Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), House's one true friend, is the head of the Department of Oncology.