"After getting Damon's voicemail, Brody dashed to the hospital to catch up with Liberty for her scan. As well thinks other people are trying to take Sebastian, too. Sienna is furious when Reenie McQueen begins dating A short while later, whilst delivering her daughters clothing, Sienna vowed to get Warren back but Warren once again kept away. Sienna asked Dodger how much he would want paying to not interfere with her family, and Dodger threw her out. You can unsubscribe at any time.Hollyoaks favourites Sienna Blake and Warren Fox shared a kiss recentlyBrody and Liberty have grown close over the last few monthsTENSE: Warren has currently got pregnant ex Sienna locked in a remote house The reunion didn't last long however, when Warren learned what Sienna had really done he told her that he didn't love her. A few weeks later, despite initially being ignored by Warren, she informs him that she's pregnant, Warren demands sienna to take a pregnancy test. Sienna assures the students that if they ever have a problem that they can't talk to anyone about, they can talk to her. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK "It is not only the bookies predicting two new Hollyoaks couples will be formed – fans are also desperate to see Brody hook up with Liberty and to witness Sienna reuniting with Warren.Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Ok I’m shipping Warren and Sienna as then Brody and Liberty can be together. Just as they're about to leave for court, Damon's brother Kidnapping of Tom Cunningham and Revelation of Fake Pregnancy Affair with Trevor Royle and Relationship with Warren Fox Fake Death, Sebastian Kidnapped, Protecting Nico, Nico's Death and Arrest Release from prison, becoming a teacher at Hollyoaks High and relationship with Brody Hudson Finding her twins, discovering Maxine's fake illness, Surrogacy & Breakup with Brody Reconciliation with Brody, Miscarriage, Adoption plans & Trying surrogacy again Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. An emotional Sienna tells Nico that she needs to face justice but Nico is furious and pushes Sienna towards the edge of the roof and as she does, Warren snatches Sebastian before running away and locking the door. Hollyoaks' Sienna and Brody 'set to split' after steamy Warren Fox kiss; Read More Related Articles. With Joel by Sienna and Sebastian's side she feels protected, but that's when her mental health starts to come in the way and thinking Joel is working with Warren to try and take her other baby away from her. Hollyoaks spoilers have revealed that things are awkward between Warren and Sienna when Sebastian returns home next week. Upon returning to the flat she is shocked to find a hooded figure holding Sebastian who is revealed to be Sienna confronts Nico on the rooftop demanding that she hands over Sebastian. It is later revealed that Sienna is hiding a pregnant Nico away in her flat since Nico is the only family she has left.

Sienna's world has been turned upside down when Warren's taken Sophie, and her mental health has returned.

Sienna offers to manage the class whilst Nancy speaks with the governors, telling Sienna that she will speak to them about Laurie when she gets back. Brody Hudson is the best friend of Damon Kinsella and the boyfriend of Sienna Blake, whom he currently lives with. He flirts with Ellie Nightingale and Holly Cunningham. Maxine tells Damon and Brody that the tumour is gone and Damon is delighted. She mentions a waitress from their wedding whom she suspected did something with Laurie, and a shop assistant who hit Laurie with a shoe, but Sinead asks him to drop it. However, she reconciles with him and cancels her father's life assurance policy as revenge for manipulating her and planning to leave her and Nico nothing in his will. Ourexplains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Maxine isn't pleased to discover that Damon wants to go away without her. They start to sort out on how they are going to be a mum and dad to the baby and Sienna moves back in the flat. She starts to believe that Darren is her stalker and when she asks him to fix a leak in her flat, she knocks him out. HOLLYOAKS fans fear Brody will be killed by Warren Fox after Sienna Blake was told she couldn't donate bone marrow to save son Sebastian. After this Sienna convinced Shane to fake kidnap her and ended up calling the police on him to set him up. She bursts into tears and asks Sienna for help to stop. She tells Sienna to be prepared if the student have any questions regarding Laurie as Nancy will be talking to them.

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