Residing on the shelf labelled "potentially unfilmable" for years since its publication, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's cult apocalyptic comedy tome was perhaps always going to be best served by the boosted running time of a TV series and the deep pockets of a streaming service such as its final home with Amazon. Full Review James White Empire Magazine

It still has a lot to say about the world, humanity, religion and what really went on with the creation of the M25. It is perhaps an understandable sense of duty that has prevented Gaiman from making as free and as fresh an adaptation as he might have under other circumstances – fleshing out minor figures, and bringing the themes alive with more modern touches than Crowley’s devilment now including the invention of the selfie. “No more gravadlax with dill sauce. This is particularly true of the female parts (Frances McDormand as the narrating voice of God aside), a historical weakness in the fantasy genre you might have expected Gaiman to take the opportunity to shore up. Season 1 Review: Good Omens‘ six episodes feel breezy thanks to a slick directing job from Douglas Mackinnon (Knightfall), but its narratively … Off we go into a maelstrom of adventures, misunderstandings and tangles with witches and witchcraft, involving Gilliamesque levels of invention, puppetry stylings, disguises, pyrotechnics, extravagant costumes, CGI curlicues and a general sense that neither kit nor caboodle has been spared in the construction of this entertainment.It doesn’t quite work, because it doesn’t quite disguise the fact that beneath the razzle-dazzle, every character apart from the main two is tissue-paper thin. In the first episode alone, the swapping of the babies takes for ever to complete and is further drawn out by an illustration using a card trick of what has taken place. But this adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s novel goes to hell when they’re not aroundAziraphale and Crowley’s unlikely friendship, formed over the 6,000 years that have elapsed in this version of Earth’s history since Crowley got Eve to eat the apple, is the heart of the book and now the miniseries. Good Omens review – Sheen and Tennant fight the devil with dill sauce The two leads shine as an angel and a demon facing down the apocalypse. In fact, a distinct sense that everyone is just marking time until they come back creeps in (albeit alleviated by the occasional appearance of Jon Hamm as Gabriel, nailing every fleeting moment he has as Aziraphale’s shit-eating, Armageddon-happy boss).That sense isn’t helped by the perpetual signposting of gags, overly faithful reproductions of the original dialogue (what skips along when read becomes laborious when spoken) and the repetitive nature of many scenes. Of The Apocalypse. VAT no 918 5617 01Bauer Consumer Media Ltd are authorised and regulated by the FCA(Ref No. The two leads shine as an angel and a demon facing down the apocalypse. It is a shame that Good Omens’ advent on to our screens at last feels like such a wasted opportunity. It's a partnership that sparks with real warmth and joy, even as this seemingly mismatched duo bond over the centuries. “No more fascinating little restaurants where they know you,” says Crowley, as he tries to persuade his friend he won’t resist a divine plan by averting Armageddon. At the same time, his central involvement as writer, adapter and executive producer has, inevitably, diluted and displaced the Pterryness (which is always a more gleeful thing than the Gaimanesque). The forces of good and evil collide over a plan to bring about the end of the world (featuring some well-used and happily tweaked tropes such as an antichrist child and the Four Horsemen (horsepeople? Confronted with the news that the apocalypse is about to begin – and Crowley delivering the satanic baby that will kick it all off in 11 years into the care of the satanic nuns who will swap it with an ordinary newborn – they are horrified.

It's a relief to note that Good Omens hurdles the adaptation barriers with some space to spare, channeling the likes of Douglas Adams along the way.

A lot of things are mentioned here that … God is most frequently heard describing what is coming up, what is happening on screen and what has happened.

Read Common Sense Media's Good Omens review, age rating, and parents guide. Read reviews of your favourite TV shows. Bikerpeople in this regard?) After all, people such as Terry Gilliam had tried to turn it into a film, only to be frustrated by the wordy, footnote-heavy style and, at one point, real world situations (Gilliam pitched his take shortly after 9/11 and studios were in no mood for world-ending stories, even if they featured a comic partnership between a demon and an angel looking to stop the coming armageddon).Spurred by a dying wish from Pratchett in 2015, Gaiman has grasped the reins for the series, turning it into a six-episode miniseries and attempting to bottle the wild wit and imagination that he and Pratchett poured into the 1990 novel. It helps that Gaiman recruited a killer cast to bring the story to life.