… Good! Did any of the characters keep secrets? This meant that we would hear things about their co-workers that were not appropriate for us to mention to our friends, who were often children of the people my parents were talking about. 2 0 obj

He would prefer that his personal struggle not be a subject of conversation among people he sees socially through our son’s school. I don’t want to say more right now, but I wish he felt better.’”Literature and movies can be great ways to get discussions going as characters in books, on television and in the media often make very unsafe choices. <> … Good! �ƭ�`�42�����'J� … Good! One of Kidpower’s boundary rules is that “Problems should not be secret!” By this, we mean “should not be secret from your adults such as parents, teachers, and other grownups who care about you.” Some things are not appropriate for children to discuss with other kids or with the general public.To help prevent potential problems, we also tell children that, “Any kind of touch should not be a secret.

Because problems should never be secrets. “My concern is that, when one family member has a serious health problem, this affects everyone else in the family. Its critics claim that presenting slides makes an audience distracted from the speaker.

Presents someone gives you or games someone asks you to play should not be a secret. Because of course breaking the safety rules is not safe! 4 0 obj 3 0 obj

good or bad secret that they are being asked to keep and why they think so. Because of course breaking … �ǃ*�\���ؖC���8뻄�z���xl�X�?s�\���O�H/�* |}t8ܣ��=��hf>:��+={�ʃ���%� ���K�gD��X*�%W/g�tTG�Ȋ�{s�=(P�6en-��'*�ĉ�2s^,��]C�5�ZK ��D���l�.��h�|�2�ingj��puQ��3��̅�7ݛ9����@� �Z㗞��O�"u�=.>��uG4|��)�hp X#�˧]K�r$�:>ڴvemg�$��0HϤ\u�M��s�e��3���H����oÐ7qr�����5AM�€E�%-���~^çVw��9+�������h��!�B��M{� �%RC����5���ͶH�Nx�0d0���9(�3���]m4�/!�� ���$y3�Dr�Yu��̈́�x%�C�Ւ>?���~�w�\��o4���2�S'v|�O��3�Y �:�!�,��Rfj�J�H�D,#���t����Y�>oL��{�Q���y�����q����J$4lvҒ0��O�Jby#�Uu���RHJ��Q�P& 7�ܛ7s�/1�;������[`:s�d]?۰XTr�3��M�b�$fU�_)�U�r����Ơ����q{�)w�u��㕾5y� ����0*��G*J���v��ֹ� z����|�a�Tl6�e0{�t���PNN/�ڱ6���N��_�m��ik�N�N�;�����tY `j�5 ��nfL���G��\��S�F�G�Li�Iz�� YӰ����YJ_�M-i �D������n��2�Gૡ�_o�_Y��P���"�j��q#Ü LZ�A��: ������i�6�u�^�T Good Secrets Nice surprises and Things that make you happy Birthday presents and cards Flowers and gifts Plans for a surprise family trip out or visit Bank account numbers Safety … Is this a secret about breaking the safety rules? Anything about people and their private areas should be secret. "�c` When my sister, brother, and I were older, my parents wanted to be able to talk freely about the daily interactions on their jobs. Because secrets that hurt people are not safe secrets. endobj

<>>> "/Q�k4ÿ���)�VU�"c�v�E��e����#�d��Lz��4�� Don’t complain about your Aunt Flossie’s bad breath to your friend on the phone as your three-year-old plays quietly nearby unless you are okay with your child telling Aunt Flossie, “My Daddy says that you have bad breath!” Expecting a young child to know why personal comments like these are not public information would be confusing and unfair.As children get a little older, they might be able to understand about not repeating some things they overhear – or about keeping secrets about a surprise for a short time. For example, “Yes, I know you think it is funny that your little sister peed her pants and made a puddle on the floor because she was so busy playing with her blocks. Uttering the phrases “I’ll put it together on stage,” “I kind of got … endobj Is there anything about what happened that worries you?

However, younger children should never be put into the difficult position about having to lie to a parent or other important adult in order to keep from spoiling a surprise.As they develop more comprehension, children can understand the concept that their problems should not be secrets, but that there are times to respect the privacy of others by not discussing everything that happens within a family in public.You can use daily events to help define the rules. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> One of the arguments often used against PowerPoint is that it makes both audiences and speakers dependent on it. You can discuss with Louis what kinds of people both of you can trust to respect the confidentiality of your family while giving him a safe space to talk about his feelings.