2: toward a worsened or inferior state or level — used especially in the phrase go downhill Sports Of, relating to, or constituting skiing down a slope: a downhill racer. A red circle on a road or traffic sign usually is a no symbol or a prohibitory traffic sign meaning that the given situation is prohibited such as crossing making a u turn or left turn. Tell us about this example sentence:

[for something] to decline and grow worse and worse. Since I started to work longer hours things have gone steadily downhill. Matters I have controls to ensure that things are as they should be; if I didn't, the business would A cross between a skateboard and a mountain bike, this new plaything can "I'm not sure where to start looking for the unstable critical tori from which I could push off to We have to do better over the holiday or this great season will start to The visitors needed to win to have any chance of getting into the end of season deciders but things started to The ability to fly and fight retro Imperial and Rebel spaceships from the original movies has always been the series' selling point and Rogue Squadron III starts to After my parents opened my report card and saw how bad my grades were, it all went downhill from there.You better come to the hospital right away—Great-Uncle Edmund's health had really gone downhill.This industry is going downhill. 走下坡路,每況愈下… go downhill definition: 1. to gradually become worse: 2. to gradually become worse: . ',be going',something to go on or to be going on with',not know whether one is coming or going'.
If you say that someone is grown up, you mean that they are an adult or that they behave in a responsible way.

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{{#verifyErrors}} The sentence contains offensive content. We were amazed at the speed with which the weather was going downhill.

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Primarily used by people in the High Desert, California area (Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia-- between L.A. and Las Vegas), in reference to going down the Cajon Pass to the major cities of Southern California.
The sentence contains offensive content. A sign with a truck going downhill means what watch for trucks do not pass trucks truck parking area ahead. Since I started to work longer hours things have gone steadily downhill.

going downhill definition in English dictionary, going downhill meaning, synonyms, see also 'going, going, gone!

1. (moving) towards the bottom of a hill: 2. Note: Downhill can be used in many structures connected with … We lose money every year.As one gets older, one's health tends to go downhill.Since I started to work longer hours things have gone steadily downhill.We were amazed at the speed with which the weather was going downhill.For the movie business, it was all downhill from there.In February 1825 Maria became ill, was sent home, rapidly went downhill and died aged 11.My work has been going downhill ever since my divorce.This restaurant has definitely gone downhill since I last came here.

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