or if you woke up with an appendage where it shouldn't be. And with puberty looming, things became pretty urgent.If Georgie went through male puberty, that was it. "Around about two [years old], I could see a different way of expressing themselves between Georgie and Harry," Rebekah, Georgie's Mum told Mia Freedman.They were given the same toys, but interpreted them in different ways: Buzz Lightyear became Miranova - the Georgie was open with her family from a young age. I'm not sure about others here but I couldn't have really cared less what I was born with, you just accept you were born a woman or a man, have some mild curiosity as to what it would be like to have a penis or vagina but beyond that you just accept it, just like if you were born Asian you would accept that and if you were born white you would accept that.It's only because of modern medicine that people can actually do anything about this dislike of the sex they were born into anyway.I have no issue with gay rights, but I do wonder sometimes if the whole transgender thing is a mental illness because why can't they just accept that they were born a certain way that they can't change, just like if you were born Asian you wouldn't make yourself miserable all of your life trying to change it.Being gay though on the other hand to me is a totally different thing because you can choose to sleep with a man or woman. Georgie with dad, Greg Stone. George and Harry Stone were born twin boys. Stone lives in Melbourne, Australia. Stone was vocal about her gender identity at two years old, finally affirming her gender at age 8. And I hope that all cis people can look at Georgie and realise that trans people deserve endless support, respect and love. I get that some people prefer to live in a way that is not defined by society, therefore if a man wants to cry and wear a dress why not, because these 'roles' for men and women are just constructs. The hormonal surge, and physical changes that come as a result, would be irreversible.

Many have claimed that it has not only shed light on transgender rights, but it has also educated them to understand the struggles some may go through.

Not only in the media, but also in the legal system.While most teens spend their weekends playing sport and staring at screens, Georgie dedicates her time to shattering glass ceilings for transgender children trailing behind her... following in her profound footsteps.In 2011, at just 10 years old, Georgie became the youngest person in Australia to be granted permission to access hormone blockers (the first stage of medical treatment for transgender children).Instead of discussing with her family whether or not the blockers were appropriate, they were forced to put their plea to a judge.Following the case - and a later appeal - transgender children in Australia no longer have to go through the Family Court to gain access to hormone blockers. It would be like me feeling bad all my life because I wish I only had 4 toes instead of 5. The Elwood College students are as close as a brother and sister can get — despite the fact they were born (biological) brothers. It was a matter of life or death: "I knew if that happened, I would've killed myself".Georgie's case made it through the Family Court quickly.She was granted access to hormone blockers, and to cross-sex hormone therapy.She could've taken it and ran. "For her advocation of trans rights and upheaval of the legal process, Georgie was named one of the Georgie's experience as a transgender toddler and child, however, is the most unique part of her story.George and Harry Stone were born twin boys. And she's well on the way towards doing the same for step two of the treatment: cross-sex hormone therapy.In 2016, she was awarded LGTBI Person of the Year at the third annual community awards in Melbourne... and she's still in high school.At 16-years-old, Georgie Stone's achieved more than most of us could hope to in an entire lifetime.Please sign in to contribute to the Mamamia Community. you'd feel weird, uncomfortable in your skin. Georgie Stone was born to actor parents Greg Stone and Rebekah Robertson, who both appeared on the Australian soap series Neighbors.