It features Bender becoming the god of a tiny civilization, and explores various religious issues. Michelle: But I want power. “Your lyrics lack subtlety! Give the gypsy$10. "Godfellas" is the 20th episode in the third season of the American animated television series Futurama. Bender's name isn't Bonder, it's Bender. A pitiless, elegant killing machine. Fry: What do I need? Futurama The adventures of a late-20th-century New York City pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, who, after being unwittingly cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, finds employment at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company in the retro-futuristic. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 17, 2002. Now, tragedy...that's funny!” “If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards.

“Let's face it, comedy is a dead art form.

That makes me feel angry!” Checkmate” The episode was written by Ken Keeler and directed by Susie Dietter.

Fry: Wait a minute! Gypsy: Yes. That makes … Fry: Bonder? Quotes by Philip J. Fry: Futurama. [Scene: Gypsy's Caravan.] “One year later, I got beat up at a Neil Diamond concert by a guy named Scrunchie!” Michelle: You know your problem, Fry? Gypsy: Look, you want false hope or not? “This is the worst kind of discrimination there is: the kind against me!” From “War Is The H-Word,” …

traditional faiths (a disbeliever in all religious faiths, actually), I identified with its irreverence towards tradi-. God Quotes from Godfellas (Futurama) (Top Posts - Philosophy (General) - 082902) I saw the following when it was originally aired, and.

―God Entity God Entity is a kind of cosmic entity Bender comes across while floating in space that may be God, although Bender postulates that it may be a computerized space probe that collided with God. “Your lyrics lack subtlety! [Fry inserts 5 cents and the Gypsy moans as she "channels" Bender.] Is it really you? You should be chief. tional faith. You can't just have your characters announce how they feel! Gypsy: I am your friend Bonder. You're not ambitious. As far as foul-mouthed alcoholic robots go, Bender is pretty hard to beat. The Bender of the 15th century. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

had mixed feelings about it. Insert coin. For seven seasons on From “War Is The H-Word,” when he is unable to buy gum with a military discount.From “The Route Of All Evil,” disappointed that Hermes and the professor won’t take harsher action against their sons.From “Love And Rocket,” when Leela asks him if he has any respect for his girlfriend’s feelings.From “The Luck Of The Fry-rishh,” on a fruitful grave-robbing trip.From “The Series Has Landed,” after being kicked out of Luna ParkFrom “A Head In The Polls,” enjoying the money he made from selling his body.From “Ghost In The Machines,” hearing Fry’s touching epitaph for him.From “How Hermes Requisitioned His Grovveback,” after finally having his artificial intelligence turned back on.From “I, Roommate,” having a dream that frightens Fry just a little bit.From “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Plaything,” basking in Leela’s misfortune.From “Lethal Inspection,” finding out he’s not immortal.From “Anthology Of Interest I,” extorting Leela after she kills the professor.From “Bender Should Not Be Allowed On Television,” offering advice to fathers everywhere.From “Bendin’ In The Wind,” indulging his dream of being a folk singer one last time.From “Amazon Women In The Mood,” reacting to seeing Planet Amazonia for the first time.From “Raging Bender,” when one was his floozies says “I love you.”From “Bend Her,” not able to win any bending events at the Olympics. You can't just have your characters announce how they feel!

You're a fraud! Being a disbeliever in. Ulcers?

“I hate everyone who loves me and they hate me too.” I'm tired of the chief's girlfriend lording it over me with her fancy coyote hide. The episode won the first Writers Guild of America Award for animation. Welcome back.

Futurama Quotes Total quotes: 40 Show Metadata Hide Metadata. Gypsy: Sure I hold séance, channel your friend, no problem.

I am fine.