He did it perfectly,” Molaro says.Then there was Amy and Howard’s newly discovered appreciation for Neil Diamond and a karaoke session of his greatest hits to close out the episode. "What do you get for the nerd who has everything? Sheldon explains how he came to this "logical conclusion": It's either love or a brain parasite.Howard and Raj receive an unexpected email from the Air Force about their invention, leading the two down a dark road of paranoia over government surveillance. Since we’re not going to get a The first scene starts out at a sperm bank, where Sheldon is planning on making a donation. “There was lots of pressure, but it was a show that I know we both loved and characters we loved. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. It begins when the women decide to reenact their proms to make up for the memories they missed in high school. Getting to work with him was incredible.”“That’s a great one,” Holland says of “The Scavenger Vortext.” “That’s in my top two or three of all time, definitely.” The episode literally gets started with a bang when Raj plays loud arena music accompanied by smoke bombs going off in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment.

It all starts when they're playing Dungeons & Dragons, with the gang joking about the couple's inability to "do it." 6. Would the human race survive if all men were like him? Other great moments: a MySpace reference, Howard’s Nintendo-controller belt, and Penny unknowingly sitting in Sheldon’s spot. Is Penny "perfect"? Howie! It’s a good thing, because both of them forgot it was also their anniversary; just another reason why this not-so-likely couple worked well together.Perhaps the biggest obstacle was how to make the finale about all the characters and not just center on The other finale trope that Molaro and Holland wanted to avoid was having any of the characters move away. “I was ready to start bawling.” Holland says he felt the same way and still gets chills thinking about the moment. “Whip up a family!” he says in total seriousness.But while Penny’s own pregnancy news was still a couple seasons off, Lenny fans still got a sweet scene with Leonard baking his wife a cake so she wouldn’t feel left out from all the exciting news happening for their friends. Contact Author. The whole thing was absurd and perfect.The entire episode is gold, starting with Raj’s obsession with As it turns out, Amy Farrah Fowler is the female version of Sheldon and an instant fan favorite.

Memorable moments It was so bad that Cuoco had to get stitches. Which couple or pairing on "The Big Bang Theory" do you find the funniest? “When Melissa Rauch showed up and we loved her, we were like, ‘Let’s use more of her.’ It just sort of took on a life of its own.” Holland says that without the castings of Bialik and Rauch, the show wouldn’t have made it 12 seasons. Surprised by Sheldon's flattery, she opens up about wanting to say "I love you" to him — only for him to beat her to it.