Both the written test and the physical abilities test are designed to measure an applicant’s ability to perform satisfactorily at theTrainingAcademyand on the State’s Minimum Standards test.

For those who already hold a Florida Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission Certificate, an eight-week transitional academy is typically available. These are: 1. You must have at the very least a high school diploma or GED certification. The candidate must not have any felony conviction. Applicants are further advised that all information provided is subject to later investigation.Law enforcement officers that maintain a high degree of physical conditioning are less prone to be affected by the stressful conditions of the job, sustain fewer injuries, and utilize less leave time related to illness.Florida’s police academy physical conditioning program combines strength training and aerobic exercise to help students develop good exercise habits and to improve their fitness level throughout the academy. Should an applicant continue in the selection process, the conduct will then be discussed and documented with a Florida State Police Officer.Applicants are advised that all information provided to the Florida State Police is to contain no misrepresentation, falsification, omissions, or concealment of material fact and that, upon submission of any official document (on-line or otherwise), applicants swear or affirm that all information provided is true, complete, and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.

The PAT determines the participant’s level of physical condition and aerobic capacity. For non-certified candidates, the program is 25 weeks. As such, the Department has established the core values of A preliminary determination will be made by the Florida State Police based upon information supplied; therefore, applicants must be forthright and honest in documenting their conduct.
All police candidates must attend an approved police training academy. You are allowed to repeat the test until you pass.The above 6 requirements must all be completed within a designated time frame.Completing the tasks below in repetition during an allotted time frame:NOTE:  The eligibility requirements are subject to change at any time.

The applicant has to be at least 19 years old.

The Physical Fitness course is 60 mandatory hours of your academy time. This aspect will be verified during the background investigation. Applicant will be required to take a written/oral examination, psychological test, as well as a polygraph examination.The core purpose of the Florida State Police is to seek justice, preserve peace, and improve the quality of life for all. Be advised that this preliminary determination is not binding as it is made based upon information provided by the applicant only. Participants begin the PAT seated in a full-size automobile with their seat belt on, and their hands on the steering wheel at the ten and two o’clock positions. The Florida police academy requires a swim test. If yo… Florida Law Enforcement Academy: Police Academy Orlando. You can use any type of swimming stroke except the backstroke.

You must swim for 50 yards within 2 minutes, holding your head above water. Know that some Florida police departments require candidates to complete all or part of basic training at their own expense. You can use any type of swimming stroke except the backstroke. Located near Orlando, FL, Lake Technical College offers a rigorous Sheriff Training Academy & Florida Police Academy with the hands-on experience needed for the highest caliber of Law Enforcement Officers. Before you join the academy, you have to meet the minimum requirements imposed by the state and the county Personnel Board which you are applying at. 6. Agility course involves: 540 …

It is strongly recommended that recruits begin a fitness regimen before beginning academy training.Recruits are required to participate in physical conditioning training and testing as determined by the Police Officer Physical Aptitude Test (POPAT).Academy physical training requires a great deal of physical strength and stamina.

Applicants have to be of good moral character and reputation.

The PAT is conducted in a time-dependent, continuous flow manner.

The candidate has to be a US citizen. The Physical Abilities Test (PAT) will assess an participant’s physical attributes that reflect core enabling knowledge, skills, and abilities, and essential tasks common for law enforcement officers. You are allowed to repeat the test until you pass. 3. 2. A non-firing handgun and a baton are lying in the bottom of the vehicle’s closed trunk.The time stops when the participant places their hands in the correct location on the steering wheel.© Copyright 2014 – 2020 Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The physical abilities test may include such tasks as:Applicant will be required to pass a physical agility/ability examination.The Florida police academy requires a swim test. Each participant wears a pull away flag belt, with a flag over each hip, around his or her waist. 4. You must swim for 50 yards within 2 minutes, holding your head above water. The State of Florida does have a physical requirement once your in the academy.