Because there are only a limited number of power suits and flying ships still in operation, only a select few can be Spellbinders at any given time. Back in Clayhill, Gryvon takes two of Paul's fireworks while Riana is ordered by her mother to forget Paul. They refer to this disaster as "the Darkness," and the ancestors of a group called the Marauders (raiders who live on the outskirts of their society, bordering on the wastelands) are blamed for the past catastrophe. Crew. Paul saves two villagers from being ambushed by two real Marauders. They are caught by the other Marauders, who learn of gunpowder and want it for themselves.
Paul is then detained in the castle dungeons, when he is reunited with Zander, a boy who he helped build a flying toy earlier on. She then encounters Correon in his study, where he is examining Paul's belongings. Riana defends Paul, by pointing out that he saved the village. Paul realises the Darkness was like the Back in Paul's world, Alex and Katrina return to the campsite where Paul disappeared, by going on the literature camp. Katrina discovers that radios can be used to communicate with the Spellbinder's world, after Alex's radio picks up a Spellbinder broadcast.

Ending / spoiler for Spellbinder (1988), plus mistakes, quotes, trivia and more. Upon reaching the campsite, Alex and Katrina set up their equipment, and eavesdrop on Ashka and Gryvon's eyestone conversation. Maran turns Paul over to the Summoner, who also detains Riana and Bron. Using the radio to broadcast on the eyestones, Katrina warns Paul that Ashka and Gryvon are after him. The compass contains a gyro device that is pulled into motion with a piece of string. While Paul helps Correon prepare for the challenge, Gryvon sabotages Correon's power-suit on Ashka's orders. Knowing that the Regents are listening, Paul plays Ahska's confession on his camera. Unfortunately, Brian does not believe their story, as he sees no scientific basis in their theory. Gryvon arrives and takes of his power-suit, and he tries to help Ashka. The Marauders, however decide to banish Correon. This fails, because the camera's tape was removed by Riana's younger siblings. In an attempt to return to the campsite, they convince Paul's father to help them. Back in Paul's world, Katrina and Alex take their theory of Paul's disappearance to Paul's scientist father, Dr. Brian Reynolds. After being caught in a trap, Paul realises that his captor is a strange girl, who mistakes Paul for a Marauder. They contact Ashka, but the teacher arrives, having learnt of their ruse. Being chased through the castle, they arrive at the Spellbinder's centre of power. Correon explains how the old Spellbinders caused the darkness, blinded by their own lust for more power and that the Marauders had no involvement in the disaster. Paul then tries to use his camera to prove he is telling the truth of where he comes from. Jeff willingly helps Miranda out of her troubles, but creates his own.Four undying warriors who've secretly protected humanity for centuries become targeted...Two couples on an oceanside getaway grow suspicious that the host of their seemingly...Four sisters come of age in America in the aftermath of the Civil War.Ex heroin junkie, Daniel L├ęger, gets involved in a drug deal with the wrong people...Tells the story of Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie and her extraordinary scientific...The 47-year old Al Capone, after 10 years in prison, starts suffering from dementia..."A chance encounter. After Correon finds a book, they make a surprising discovery: the Darkness was caused not by the Marauders, but by the old Spellbinders, who attempted to increase their power. Spellbinder - Ein teuflischer Plan Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. After seeing a flying ship destroy the Summoner's eyestone, Paul realises he is actually in a parallel world. Correon and Paul explore a vault in the ruins of the old Spellbinders' castle. Riana arrives and helps Paul escape Ashka and Gryvon. Miranda tells Jeff of her situation, but not the entire truth.
Spellbinders get power stones from their lands. Gryvon discovers what Paul has done, and Paul escapes the room with the camera. Riana disguises herself as a castle servant to avoid Ashka and the guards. They are generally small, rectangular stones with a yellowish-hue, although the power stones found in flying ships are much larger. When Jeff and his friend rescue a young beautiful woman (Kelly Preston) from an apparently abusive boyfriend, the trouble starts. In Clayhill, Bron demands an explanation from Paul, wanting to know why the Spellbinders are after him and Riana. The Marauders vote to punish Correon by sending him to the wastelands, despite Paul's protests. Riana places the tape in the camera, and proves to Correon that Paul is indeed from another world. At the castle, Ashka and Gryvon inform the Regents that Paul drowned in a river, ending the threat of an invasion from his world.