It can be surprising how many weird facts of life there are, and these weird but true facts can be entertaining.There are hundreds of strange facts that can bring a smile to your face, and you may find that some of these strange but true facts may really creep you out.There are hundreds, even thousands of weird but true facts, and there are far too many to compile in one place.However, for your entertainment pleasure, we have compiled a list of all of the bizarre facts that could be found.Our list is called: QuoteScoop's Believe it or Not - Weird FactsThe weird but true facts below may seem outlandish, and it is possible that a number of them are just Check out these hilarious finds on the Internet for a good belly laugh – even if you’re in a bad mood.

You might think that it is funny to even mention such a thing, but it is something really serious! The furry cat acts as if it knows it, which makes the photo even funnier! Jason Mustaain ©Pizza Bottle. It has been seen that there is a considerable drop in the levels of stress hormones after a good laughing session. This is why you should adopt this habit and make sure that you have enough supplies of toilet paper. The mastermind behind this prank is probably an evil genius but we like the idea a lot!17 Images That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You Will Roll14 People Who Definitely Did Not Deserve They Day They HadThese 17 Pics Of Weird Weather Will Definitely Make You Go ‘Whut’ Foreign countries around the world have hundreds of crazy traditions, customs, and habits, and the following weird but true facts detail some of the crazy things that go on in other countries.If you read the following bizarre facts about other countries, it may help you to be prepared if you ever visit the countries.Even if you aren't reading the strange but true facts to prepare you for a visit to a country, you can still enjoy reading some of the weird facts about foreign counties that will make you laugh.Many people around the world consider that America is the craziest country in the world, and they are not far wrong.Thousands of the craziest weird but true facts come from the USA, and the strange but true facts originating in America tend to be nearly as strange as many of the bizarre facts from around the world.As an American, you may think that your country is not crazy, but the following However, the news about this pig gives a whole new meaning to all of this! Have Fun! The internet is full of obscure and interesting facts on just about any subject matter, including animals. This little boy has an, um, interesting take on breakfast: 3. We guess that pigs may actually like beer, because this rascal drank all of it!However, we guess that the human who took the photo will not help the poor feline, because it is a medical cone. Check out what this guy’s in-flight neighbor did for him: 2. We loved that feeling!We need to admit that the quality of the costume looks good, but there is still something wrong with it. His name is Sir Nils Olav III, and lives in an Edinburgh zoo. Now, they measure happiness instead as part of their Gross National Happiness Index.The Guinness Book of World Records has reported that the world’s largest bubblegum bubble was 20 inches in diameter. After all, we each have something to be thankful for.According to Yale Scientific, a team of Swedish scientists has discovered that smiling can be contagious.When he invented the phone, Alexander Graham Bell wanted people to answer it by shouting “ahoy!” According to an NPR report, Thomas Edison was the man behind the “hello.”Every year, thousands of squirrels forget where they bury their nuts. We hope that the cone was removed soon after the photo was taken and the kitty was happy again.We are addicted to watching movies! However, certain things related to your pet require thinking outside of the box, and this dog’s owner solved one problem in a brilliant and funny way! We guess that whoever pulled this off needed a lot of time to do it, and there was also a lot of noise, too! One ejaculation represents a data transfer of 15,875 GB, equivalent to the combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pro laptops.