Emiko is the result of Robert Queen affair with Kazumi Adachi. of what Arsenal did as well as that she let their father die, claiming that he deserved it. Emiko then stated to her half-brother that despite her hatred, she truly wanted to be part of the Queen family before dying in Oliver's arms. As she quickly escaped, she let the building fall on top of the team.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Queen family just so happened to be the rightful leaders of the Arrow Clan. Emiko replied that Oliver would not believe Laurel because of her past. Dante calmly reminded her that other people in the Ninth Circle expected her to deliver on her promises as a leader.
She even lost respect for Rene as she attempted to kill him while revealing she was the Ninth Circle's leader the whole time. As she saw Oliver refusing to leave her behind, before Emiko succumbed to the injuries she received from Beatrice, she showed regret over how she had made him, Felicity and their child targets of the Ninth Circle and used her last moments to make peace with her half-brother, Oliver, warning him to get his family to safety and revealing despite her hatred of the Queen family, she wanted to be a member of his family. However, her traits were proven to be nothing more than a facade.

With Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Echo Kellum. Soon after, while visiting her father´s grave, Emiko was confronted by Oliver who asked for forgiveness for his father's sins and his abandonment of Emiko and her mother. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Inheritance," the latest episode of Arrow.. Arrow just rewrote its own history. After he fails to reach out to her, she tries to tempt him into killing her, only for him to refuse. Emiko Queen also known as Emiko Lacroix is the young daughter of Shado and Robert Queen and half sister of Oliver Queen. However, despite all of her negative traits that involve violence, hypocrisy and anger, Emiko demonstrated some forms of empathy as when she found out Felicity was pregnant when she was about to kill her, she had second thoughts and refused to kill an innocent unborn child. Later, Oliver says to Emiko that Dante is responsible of Kazumi's death, having sent the Longbow Hunters, hoping that she leaves the Ninth Circle and return to the good side. Emiko and Dante later tested the drones but got once again confronted by Team Arrow. However, after learning she was pregnant, she had second thoughts and left. Emiko was born to Robert Queen and Kazumi Adachi, she has a paternal half-brother, named Oliver. On her watch she decreased all of the crime and corruption down that Mayor Emily Pollard failed to do on her watch. because the criminal like Diaz like Bin Laden in our realistic world already got shot !!! It is unknown if he is her older or younger half-brother.

vault, which would be capable of eating through anything in its path.

She then attacked some weapons dealers, saving Rene Ramirez and another kid before leaving. She ordered Dante to activate the drones which he did despite hesitation.

The way the New Green Arrow story was told previously suggested that the introduction of Emiko Queen would be done slowly, with new information getting dropped every couple of episodes. Lacroix would train Emiko for years with the Outsiders' Arrow clan, leading her to believe he was her father. However, thanks to Rene, she was able to escape. Emiko was proven to be quite arrogant to the point of being delusional; for example, when Black Siren confronted her for killing Diaz and believing that Oliver would never believe a criminal; only for the former to find out that she was wrong. Afterwards, when arsonists led by After Oliver's release from prison, Emiko became more determined to hunt down names from Soon after, while visiting her father's grave, Emiko was confronted by Oliver who asked for forgiveness for his father's sins and his abandonment of Emiko and her mother. She was the estranged paternal half-sister of Oliver Queen and the leader of the Ninth Circle, as well as the third Green Arrow following Oliver's incarceration.

However, this betrayal lead to Emiko deciding to protect Oliver, coming to the realization if she had chosen a different path for herself he would been her brother earlier once he knew about her. She is similar to Helena Bertlinelli and Dinah Drake. With Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Echo Kellum. When Emiko's true nature was revealed, she showed herself to be a cold, sadistic, ruthless, spiteful and vindictive individual who had no shame, guilt or remorse for her actions. When Dinah appears in an attempt to arrest her, Rene helps Emiko escape again. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Directed by Andi Armaganian. She made her deal with the CEO of Aerodyne, Jason Toth, to collect a device needed to expand the bioweapon.
In "Inheritance," the latest episode, a flashback revealed Emiko was the one who sabotaged the Queen's Gambit, killing her father Robert and sending Oliver down the path that would lead him to become Green Arrow.