The developers have decided to focus on combat, adventure and both faction and individual battles. The game was scheduled to release in South Korea AND North America at the end of 2019, but after the changes, the game ultimately ended up delayed. A large portion of the content in the game is being revamped as well, based on feedback that was received from beta tests in Asia.

Especially with all the skill augmentations with the artifact system they are talking about.

They’re not the developers, Bluehole/Krafton are. The game has officially been renamed to Elyon. This was also present in A:IR.

The developer is still Bluehole, though it’s going by KRAFTON now, which is going to remind you of mac’n’cheese every time.So…if they’re not using “Ascent Infinite Realm” anymore, does it mean that another game could be called that?I prefer action combat, so I’m a teensy bit more interested in the game.the ship combat looked really bad, hope that’s what they’re ditching since no more “AIR”I have to stop and mentally sort if it’s Elyria or Elyon being talked about.Given that one is now vapourware, that won’t be a problem moving forward.God I am so glad they went with action combat.

Elyon currently does not have a release date for the European and North American markets but is still planned to release through Kakao Games, famous for the publishing of hit-MMORPG Black Desert Online. The setting and lore of the world of Elyon has also been changed and refined to fit this new vision of the game, although the game will retain its distinct blend of technology and magic.

I prefer tab targeting, and loved the Steampunk theme.Well all I can say is I’m not impressed With these changes.

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The game is currently still in testing in South Korea, and while Kakao doesn’t include a release plan or date for EU and NA, ... Massively OP was Kickstarted by generous MMO gamers and continues today because of our patrons and donors.

The game has officially been renamed to Elyon. It has shown substantial improvement in a variety of areas I wanted: Combat is no longer tab-target and is instead much faster action oriented.© 2020 

I am thi... You can autopath to your quest objective, meaning that it’s definitely plausible that half the people you see out in the large, open world will be AFK.Other than that, the only major change to the game is the PvP and the focus on the type of content we’ll have access to.As for the type of content, initially, A:IR was going to be an MMORPG that took place predominantly within the sky.

If I win, I am hoping for Ashes of Creation! There's a high possibility that Project EXA is a sequel to Tera but with a different title.

[…] Let’s start this week off with Tower of Fantasy.

Looks like this is going to be like a mix of TERA and Wildstar in terms of combat flow.

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Yesterday, we covered the news from the Korean beta that “Kakao Games and Krafton have announced the new name of Ascent: Infinite Realm. Now that they have action combat I am pretty excited looking forward to it.

The core combat system has moved away from tab-targeting to skill-based, free action combat that also has a rich array of customization.

Sounds like the scope of the game has been reduced which makes my level of interest also reduced.Why would it be anything like BDO? Everywhere you went, everything you did was due to the main story, and MMOs that have a strong narrative end up doing better than those that don’t.One thing I did notice though while players were out in the world, was that the game utilizes a form of autopathing.

About Elyon Elyon is a new MMORPG from the creators of Tera. I can see the resemblance to Honkai Impac... This is to better reflect the new focus of the game with the pivot of the core design of the product.

Remember all the key combinations to perform attacks does not appeal to me in the slightest and takes away from the emersion of the game IMHO . They also did a massive overhaul of the game as players were unhappy with the state it was in.But that confirmation aside, I’d like to talk a little about the Closed Beta and what we should expect going into the game next year since a 2021 release outside of South Korea is all but expected at this point.First, let’s talk about the combat, since I know that’s something you’re all concerned with.While combat is important, one thing I recall in A:IR was that it had a strong focus on story-telling. TERA you could only move in straight lines, Elyon looks like you can strafe around but still have animation lock to a degree.

You’d move around from floating island to floating island, exploring an enormous open world mostly atop your flying mount of choice, with the land housing content, but the focus being in the skies.Honestly, I’m excited for Elyon. Elyon is a 3D steampunked-themed MMORPG featuring mystifying magic, sky faring airships, and a world filled with incredible mythological creatures. So likely more like Tera if anything.They said it’s action combat so is BDO I do not like it there for if the combat is like BDO I will not be playing it.Epic Games could lose almost $50M every month the Fortnite Apple/Google lawsuits go onWRUP: Eliot’s power is still kaput, so behold, I am Eliot nowEpic Games is suing Apple (and probably Google too) over its payment monopolyArtCraft says ‘the purpose of Crowfall is to destroy’ the themepark modelDaybreak has acquired Cold Iron Studios and its Alien MMOFPS [Updated]The Daily Grind: What’s your most embarrassing MMO character name? Just because one UI window has a skill preview… lmaoTab target combat is great if it’s done well. The setting and lore of the world of Elyon has also been changed and refined to fit this new vision of the game, although the game will retain its distinct blend of technology and magic.”The game is currently still in testing in South Korea, and while Kakao doesn’t include a release plan or date for EU and NA, it does say it’s “still planned to release through Kakao Games” – hence why the PR is coming from Kakao. || Looks nothing like BDO like others are saying lol.