Rogue Dungeon Tileset 16x16 . In bundle. No attribution is required. Thanks!Edit: How would I go about putting armour or clothes on too?Hey I used some of your art in my iOS Game, thanks much!Been meaning to say as I work with these tiles: this submission is ageless, pure gold.You can use these tilesets in your program freely. The tiles are individual 32x32 … Kenney.

Im a total noob at game development, but I'm trying to learn. Icons Sprite Sheet, Adventure 2D Tileset, Pixel RPG Icons on, the indie game hosting marketplace. An original dungeon tileset suited for rogue-likes with 16x16 tiles and a wall height of 32 pixels. sprites aren't tagged anything unless you tag them in RPG Maker. The specific software framework (read: RPG Maker) is more likely the limiting factor than the hardware in my opinion. Seriously, it's a great game. RPG Dungeon Tileset. Are there tiles in your pack for animating the characters or is that something we have to do ourselves? For example, i made an items.png, placing all my items there; around 512x512 which is guaranteed to work anywhere. Perhaps tone down the alpha and soften the edges of the shadow a bit? Great work. It was cut in row 16 after the pink flashes. Sorry.i am also doing a game using those wonderful assets but am not using any packages like RPG Maker or Unity or anything else, just plain OpenGL and my own 3D engine so i have a better grasp of limitations.I don't know what is that 16th row you're referring to but if you're trying to load the entire atlas (provided above) as a single texture, you will have great problems of compatibility in the future.The image itself it's 2048x3040, which is pretty huge and while desktop OpenGL/DirectX versions might be able to load it, if you're targetting embedded OpenGL (i.e. All images are 2D 32x32 pixel tiles in orthogonal (overhead) three-quarters perspective.

Pita. :) The game is amazing by the way!Thanks! $9.95. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup file contains the latest addition of 3000+ tiles. See more ideas about Pixel art games, Pixel art, Game art. Versatile Wall System ; Broken Walls/ Tiles ; Player Character and Slime; Gold and Iron Chest (Open and closed + Keys) Wooden and Metal Doors (Front and Side View) Spike Trap and Pressure Pads ; Smashable Pots; Animated Coin and Torch; Icons: Sword, Shield, Bow, Arrow, Potions, Heart, Armour) TERMS OF USE.

android and iOS) you'll find yourself in a world of hurt. So I have to cut it in pieces of 768*768 and import each of them seperately.I am only using a few, but they do provide a whole world of things in case one is missing a good looking item of a specific look.Amazing work on such a giant collection. Mobile and desktop browsers also seem to display it just fine from this page, so I am dubious the underlying hardware could be the boundry.Look at the dimensions of the default tilesets that came with RPG Maker. I … i hope i didn't broke any TOS by posting the linkThe problem, as you pointed, is indeed the limited tileset diminsions of RPG Maker. 16x16 of 48x48 tiles and obviously that's pretty limited. As a courtesy, include a link to the OGA page:, or the crawl-tiles page: Find game assets tagged 32x32 like Top down character animation pack, [NEW] Gothic/Haunted Castle Tileset - 32x32, Mega Pixel Art 32x32 px. Kenney Game Assets 1. Increasing an image of 2048x1536 to something like 3072x2304 (150%) is not something a GPU processor would ever like or RPG maker for that part.What you can do instead (and i'm doing in my game) is selecting only the tiles you really want for your game, placed into carefully crafted images of an at most 2048x2048 sized texture to achieve maximum compatibility.

The point is that RPG maker MV needs 48*48 tiles. The tileset also includes miscellaneous items as well as character sprites. Is it because the other sprites are not tagged as "tiles" but "items" or "enemies"?Concerning the enemy-sprites: Do they contain some kind of animation I could use in RPG-Maker?Clipping after row 16 would be a limitation of RPG Maker, not the image itself. Still, the problem starts with the huge images. Attribution is appreciated but not required! 16x16 Industrial Tileset . 20,000+ game assets for use in your games! I start with scaling it with pixelart specialized algorithms, such as XBR or HQ2X, and then manually polish them. See README.TXT included in the .zip files for a full list of the contributors.Just to clarify - the "supplemental" files are the update?