General theme song of the movie, used in several trailers and in … DMX.

This song is playing when Wade is in Sister Margaret’s Bar (Weasels Bar) drinking a ‘Blow Job Cocktail’ (1/2 Kahlua, 1/2 Baileys and whipped cream on top!).

The Internet’s best source for music from TV and movies since 2005General theme song of the movie, used in several trailers and in the scene where the main trio walks towards the helicarrier scrapyard.iSong on the cab's radio that Deadpool takes to the overpass in the beginning.First song playing when Deadpool is knocked into the car radio.Deadpool's head is pushed down on the car's radio, this is the second song playing inside the car.Deadpool sits on the overpass in the beginning as he waits for the bad guys to drive past; (repeats) end credits.   Slow motion scene as Deadpool talks about how the movie is a love story, while skewering a bad guy with his two swords.Flashback to Wade threatening pizza delivery guy, Jeremy, over stalking Meghan OrlovskyAt a skateboard park, Wade informs Meghan that Jeremy will no longer be bothering herWade buys drinks for the bar, then meets Vanessa and they compare their rough childhoods.Romantic seeming interlude until Wade says "It's time to put balls in holes".Montage of Wade and Vanessa having sex across the multiple holidays that mark the progression of their relationship.Wade and Vanessa talking about how their crazy matches each other's crazy.Wade shows off his WHAM! then the fight between them starts....Wade asks Francis to fix his face, Francis says he can't. First song during the opening car … Juice Newton. Angel of the Morning • Juice Newton. The garage truck which Deadpool jumped into drives up a narrow alleyway to drop him off at his residence.Weasel tells Wade he saw Vanessa head toward the back of the clubDeadpool, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead take a taxi to the shipyard; Deadpool advises Dopinder on how to win back Geeta.Dopinder gets into an car accident while fumbling his phone trying to answer Wade's call.Wade hallucinates seeing cartoon animals surrounding Vanessa.Wade plays this on his phone while simultaneously kissing Vanessa; end creditsPretty much the theme to Deadpool beating up other people.Deadpool asks the audience to count the number of bullets he will shoot at the thugs.When Wade was taken into the workshop where he got his powerWade tells Ajax(aka francis) "let's dance and by dance, i mean let's try to kill each other" while running towards ajax. 0:01. ‘Howlin’ For You’ is featured on The Black Keys’ last studio album Turn Blue (2011). “Happy International Women’s Day!” Wade and his girlfriend Ray Charles’ hit song ‘Hit The Road Jack’ is played when Wade is sitting in a garbage truck.The Deadpool soundtrack just isn’t complete without a cheesy A maimed Wade is working up his courage to go talk to Vanessa at the stripclub where she works.
X Gon' Give It To Ya.

album, then Vanessa tries to convince Wade he should stay with her for the time he has left.Wade heads to the bar for a drink and shows Weasel the clinic brochures that Vanessa has been bringing home; Weasel gives Wade a business card.Montage as Ajax tortures Wade to try to get the serum to activate. ★ SUBSCRIBE ♫ “THEME SONG“ ( Deadpool Minecraft Song ) ♫ w/ Xylophoney - Minecraft Roleplay! To name a few: Bonnie Tyler, The Pretenders and Rita Wilson.‘Shoop’, a hit song by the 90s hip-hop trio Salt-N-Pepa, was used in the movie and in the After Wade returns to his girlfriend Vanessa after the Friends connoisseur / Britpop enthusiast / Supermassive Muse fan Unfortunately he chickens out…‘Angel In The Morning’, originally sung by Merrilee Rush, has been covered by multiple artists.