You started speaking about medicine, and I’m like, really, because I’m deep into studying holistic, natural medicine. I didn’t want to remove the nest so stuck it out, it’s been 3 months now and I’m only getting the odd one or two in the house now each day or none. You can do it.I’ve always had a phobia towards wasps, something about them always scared me senseless!

Thank you Jane xHi, I have come across this page after finally searching for an answer to my continual run-ins with wasps.

We went to go sit near the water on the rocks, however when we came back to the walkway there was a wasp again flying around me just me no one else when there was tons of people around me including my boyfriend, I ran for the water thinking I may have a scent on me. Dead Body Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a dead body represents a premonition on an area of the life that has changed a loss or a failure that it takes toward a transition or an end. I couldn’t turn to see or to help because I was paralyzed. I don’t recall what I was thinking about, but it’s highly possible it was trying to send me a message now that I read this!Any significance in this story?

I hope this is truly a meaning as to why i saw the wasp and noticed it every day, enough to google and research more about it.I have one if in front of my door up above in a corner of my house and it’s a lot of them I wonder what it mean when I looked it up I find the same thing too so does that mean that I’m going to have a big change in my life cuz I’ve been through so much from the death of my son so now I’m taking care of his kids the loss of my father and much much more a lot of things that I care not to say at this momentMy dad died and we are cleaning out the closets and drawers….

I feel I have awakened a hornets nest and can’t find a way out. I have also see a wasp in my house 4 times in the past two weeks. A queen wasp stands for gratification, sodality, and fidelity. (See Below) They need to find another place to go.

Me too.

I too am curious about it all. It simply just standed there peaceful there, it was so odd. KatherineI was on my way out today and came in contact with a Great Black Wasp. The associations of fertility, the female warrior, female societies and the importance of thought and reason are major aspects of my personality and desires.

You have OCD, a terrible thing, I know .

it just stood on my head! I found 2 separate ground nests- the ones who attacked me, and another on the opposite side of the drive.My grass needs mowing really bad.

I’ve been stung in the throat (inside and outside on neck), armpit, a bunch at once, and today on my ankle… The other day a bee landed on my leg and it wouldn’t leave but luckily didn’t sting me. Again, all within 24 hours. You may start to even find them quite fascinating and cute!

I’m even more afraid to mow.

Just texting, and a wasp lands on my finger, does a 180 and flys the opposite direction, it freaked me out because I was sure it pricked me and it didn’t. There are so many situations that you can see in your dream about wasps. Dream About Wasp Swarm To see wasp swarms in dreams, indicates that you need to be aware of certain mobs in waking life. I told him about it and he said I should start working with my dreams and bringing them in. We have a sliding door and they are climbing through the top part. It’s been happening for 2 weeks now and I’m really confused.They are always paper wasps and they always wake me up at 4 am on the dot. I have goals to be a nurse now and make a difference. If you stay he will just do it again hiding it better next time.I found two wasps in my apartment yesterday.

But his insecurities made our sex life extremely challenging, and it ended up slowly eating away at us until there was nothing left but bitterness and contempt. Anyway since the spring I have been sitting out on my front porch again everyday. I’ve tried all I can think of to find something I’m passionate about or gain some sense of direction but still nothing.

This one actually lands nearby. She needed to get rid of her triggers.

So much we don’t understand that they do.As an Lover of all creatures on the planet, and amazed by God, that life exists at all, I am so sorry for your personal loss.