Booping Repeater build. Telegram. Try to position yourself directly in front or at the back of Behemoth so that your shot may penetrate through as much body parts as it can.This build is a high skill-cap part breaker build, utilizing the pin-point accuracy of the Repeater to focus your damage on a specific part while dealing massive Part damage. each with guides on how to use and a picture of the armor.Most of these are primarily aimed at mid levil. I guess it depends on the match up.I’d be the type of person to have a bunch of different minmaxed builds, but since dauntless doesn’t have loadouts, I usually use Edit: I don’t have the cells for this, and I know it’s not meta, but I also like the idea of I’m a big fan of your first build I used something similar.Over the weekend I ran a part build with weighted strikes which was great for just not taking damage at all got to test it with more behemoths but unfortunately I was unable to get overpower on it which for the amount of staggers I was getting I would think this would be a good perk.That’s a cool support build i would hope they become more useful in trials as I think they aren’t that amazing in practice.I thought a build like that with say molten for your team would also be good say instead of fortress.Tonight I tried a lot of different builds and I think conduit aetheric attunement Embermane lantern is the way to go. Twitter. I haven’t made my mind up on Cunning if it’s better than predator. To see what parts you need you can talk to Janek Zai and look at the requirements.

Dauntless: Repeater Build for High DPS. you need 2 +3 wild frenzy perks which you may never get to. Thanks to the high rate of fire, Full-Bore Chamber, and Aetheric Attunement Perk, you will consistently be able to use your Lantern Ability every 1-2 clips. While maneuverable, this build is highly susceptible to damage (especially Frost attacks), which can easily ruin your run. It has great sustain which is great for fighting behemoths that are stronger than you. Using this in conjunction with Predator's damage buff and Cunning's crit chance buff can maximize the potential damage output exponentially. This build is a high skill-cap part breaker build, utilizing the pin-point accuracy of the Repeater to focus your damage on a specific part while dealing massive Part damage. I myself don't think this is particularly a great build. Power: 153 . This is great for Slayers who prefer the flexibility of different Cell slots, allowing them to create unique builds for their own style of playing. repeater build i've been using for some time now, as a new player, i found on another website: Dauntless - Walkthrough & Strategy Guide and they are each effective at +5 on their perks.Wildfrenzy gives you constant 20 AS when under 50% hp at +5, but motlen gives you 20% at plus 6 and it's easier to get to plus 6 as the gear gets you there at +3 and only one +3 perk. I'm a big fan of repeaters. Full-Bore Chamber +15.

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June 4, 2019. Article Menu Mozilla Public License v2. Repeater also allows you to siphon ether from Behemoths, and boost your damage / Rate of Fire while greatly empowering your Grip & Chamber Abilities. The Captain’s Grip is BiS for this support build because it buffs all your allies’ attack speed by 20% for 15 seconds which is huge!Lastly, take the Stoneheart Prism because it’s a really strong defensive choice in order to give you enough survivability so you can focus on other things.The best repeater mod is going to be Extraction Catalyst as it will lower your skill cooldown drastically whenever you dodge Behemoth attacks.Shocking Glaze with +3 Medic Cell and +3 Medic Perk.Heart of Stone with +3 Guardian Cell and +3 Guardian Perk.Hellplate Bracers with +3 Ragehunter Cell and +3 Molten Perk.Draskscale Greaves with +3 Conduit Cell and +3 Fleet Footed Perk.The best lantern for this build is pretty obvious– Shrike’s Zeal.

WhatsApp. Marvel's Avengers Although this may seem risky on paper, your Iceborne damage mitigation and life leech will keep you up in peak condition as long as you consistently damage your target. This build can be played from very early in the game as the requirements are not high and it’ll keep getting better once you play the game and get stronger perks & gear.This build is going to use Ostian Repeaters with +3 Molten Cell and +3 Swift Cell (or Fleet Footed). Moving on, take the Salvo Chamber so you can do both damage and support your teammates at the same time. Best Sword Builds & Recommended Loadouts Because they aren't the strongest DPS in the game I think they miss a lot of love and I don't see a lot around so I'm here to share my builds and discuss anything repeaters.I've done a few builds on build collection you can have a look at.