Celle-ci ne peut être légalement utilisée que pour désigner des événements, des spectacles ou des produits officiels BattleBots… "Give him enough rope and his opponents will give up all hope. Derek Young (team leader), Ronen Sarig (welding, fire system, electron plumbing), Zacky Rubin (software, control systems, water jet op), Danny Haeg (dark ops, strategist), Hanson Linek (bass guitar), Timmy Murcko (super intern) Both robots then moved toward the center of the BattleBox and Super Chiabot started spinning its disc, where it managed to hit Complete Control. Wrath Jr. pushes Complete Control on top of the pulverizer.Wrath Jr. pushes Complete Control towards the killsaws.Complete Control clamps Summoner during the rumble.Complete Control wasn't finished however, as it participated the middleweight consolation rumble at the end of the tournament. Complete Control attempted to grapple Hazard with its weapon, but Hazard mangled the arm, leaving it bent and useless. Although he has been around since the beginning, Complete Control has only competed in BattleBots Reborn Cup season 2, getting knocked out by Hexadecimator in the Round of 32. Village Idiot pushed Complete Control from the side and took it to the killsaws again.

Complete Control then managed to grab Super Chiabot and lift it completely off the ground. Get out your slam crackers, it’s COMPLETE CONTROL!" Wenn Sie sich nicht auf ein offizielles BattleBots Event, Show oder Produkt beziehen, verwenden Sie unseren Namen bitte nicht.

Hometown: Port Saint…Robot info Builder info Robot: BattleSaw Builder: Adam Cox Type: Ring Spinner Job: Architectural Draftsman Team: Twister Robotics Adam Cox, Seth Cox, Jason Cox, Chris Humble, Mark Elam, Curtis Nemeth Years competing: Rookie Hometown: Wichita, Ks Favorite tool: Racheting right angle screwdriver Sponsors: Headshots Midnight Science Club WSU Tech Favorite robot: Bigweld Website: Facebook.com/twisterrobotics Interesting…Robot info Builder info Robot: Bite Force Builder: Paul Ventimiglia Type: Bar spinner (vertical) Job: Mechanical Designer / Robotics Engineer Team: APTYX Designs Teena Liu, Jeremiah Jinno, Cory McBride, Travis Covington, Rob Masek, Tim Bogdanof Years competing: 18 years Hometown: Mountain View, CA Favorite tool: Haas VF2SS, Lincoln Power Mig 256, WERA Zyklop Sockets Sponsors:…Robot info Builder info Robot: Black Dragon Builder: João Marcos Giacometti Cavalheiro Type: Egg Beater Spinner Job: Engineering student Team: Uai!rrior João Marcos Giacometti Cavalheiro, Guilherme Estreano dos Santos, Gabriel Bertozzi, Bruno Felipe Guimarães Silveira, Felipe Daniel Duarte Years competing: 18 years Hometown: Itajubá, Minas Gerais, Brasil Favorite tool: Vice Sponsors: MaxAmps MGM Neumotors Imbel…Robot info Builder info Robot: Blacksmith Builder: Al Kindle Type: Hammer Job: Electro-Mechanical Technician Team: Half Fast Astronaut Al Kindle, Alan Young, John Wolan, James Iocca, Kyle Singer Years competing: 24 years Hometown: Edison, NJ Favorite tool: Hammer Sponsors: Nuclear Blast Records NPC Robotics Kloeckner Metals Jet Precision Metal Favorite robot: Maximillian Website: facebook.com/teamhfa twitter.com/blacksmithbot…Robot info Builder info Robot: Bloodsport Builder: Justin Marple Type: Bar spinner (horizontal) Job: Embedded Software Engineer Team: Bots ‘n’ Stuff Robotics Justin Marple, Aaron Lucas, Griffin Tabor, Nik Buchholz, Rebecca Miles, Jordan Kiesel Years competing: Rookie Hometown: Somerville, MA Favorite tool: End Game’s angle grinder Sponsors: VEX Robotics University of Utah Big Blue Saw…Robot info Builder info Robot: Bombshell Builder: Matthew Carroll / Dan Hammer Type: Modular Job: Mechanical Specialist / Mechanical Engineer Team: The Chaos Corps Matthew Carroll, Dan Hammer, Jason Brown.

Complete Control pushed Zion onto the screws and Complete Control backed away. Introducing COMPLETE CONTROL!" Complete Control had its lower forks a little off the ground, which was giving Psychotron the opportunity to push it around. However, because of an accident during the heavyweight consolation rumble, the rest of the rumbles were canceled. Complete Control took Village Idiot to the killsaws and Complete Control almost flipped Village Idiot. Although he has been around since the beginning, Complete Control has only competed in BattleBots Reborn Cup season 2, getting knocked out by Hexadecimator in the Round of 32. Notre marque commerciale est déposée aux États-Unis et dans le monde entier. Hazard then went to the opposite side of Complete Control and did the same to its opposite skirt, only this one was torn off. After the match restarted, Complete Control drove up the entrance ramp again and was stuck there and F5 stayed out of the way as Complete Control was counted out with only one second left in the match. This happened when Complete Control successfully clamped Bad Attitude the first time as it shifted and forced the arm to bend. Zion pushed Complete Control against the spike strip and Complete Control escaped right on the killsaws. Complete Control, however, did use his clamp to good use, stopping the spinner of F5 temporarily, driving it around the box. Village Idiot then pushed Complete Control onto the killsaws and later pushed Complete Control to the pulverizer, where Complete Control took one hit from the rear. 4.3-ounce, 100% ring spun combed cotton F5 won the match by KO at 2:59 and Complete Control was eliminated from the tournament again. The tip of Complete Control's lifting arm got stuck on the side of Village Idiot for about fifteen seconds and Village Idiot pushed Complete Control against the spike strip. ..District Made - Ladies Perfect Weight Crew Tee Psychotron ran away and Complete Control tried to clamp Psychotron again, but Psychotron slid out. Complete Control pushed Village Idiot from the rear and took it to the killsaws. This is a list of all the heavyweight robots that competed in BattleBots. Complete Control was now in the quarterfinals, where it faced Due to successfully making it to the quarter-finals last season, Complete Control was able to skip the preliminaries where its first opponent was Randy Eubanks' Complete Control and F5 gets stuck on the entrance ramp.F5 got in a good blow on the front of Complete Control at the start of the match, and then the second shot from F5 took out the chain for the lifting forks of Complete Control, meaning it could only clamp down with its grabbing arm. Ghost Raptor won on a unanimous 3-0 judges' decision and Complete Control was eliminated from the tournament. Es darf rechtlich nur verwendet werden für offizielle BattleBots Events, Shows oder Produkte. Complete Control (S2) ... BattleBots® es una marca de fábrica exclusiva de BattleBots, Inc., una empresa de California . Complete Control's appearance for Season 1 of BattleBots on ABC.Ghost Raptor broke though Complete Controls present box.Complete Control's only competition battle was against In the rematch, Complete Control drove quickly towards Ghost Raptor but hit a seam in the floor, causing it to jolt and stop, damaging them and causing control issues. Complete Control Mk V (S1) ... BattleBots® est la marque exclusive de BattleBots, Inc., une entreprise californienne. "It has a serious case of OCD, Obsessive Crushing Disorder. Complete Control was revived by Derek Young for the BattleBots reboot on ABC as a heavyweight, also adding a flamethrower to the iconic lifting arm setup.