Maybe it’s inviting someone to come to church because they’re going through a tough time with business or family troubles.

comfy. [indirect object]

warm. I cherish the gifts of God’s grace.

You might spend some time on the relationship between living our faith and talking about our faith.Henry French says, “True evangelism is simply sharing in one way or another what’s real for you. See definition in Dictionary check something by looking at it. Nathanael’s own experience leads him to declare, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God!

Slang; written abbreviation, there`s no difference in pronunciation for "c`mon "and "come on".quit disobeying; start acting like someone would want to E.g. In our secular, post-Christian, pluralistic world all “truth” is often seen as relative and a matter of one’s opinion. If I ascend to heaven, you are...Every resource on our site was made possible through the financial support of people like you. in Polish in German If they come off best, they are in the best position.Some Democrats still have bitter memories of how, against all odds, they came off worst during the inquiry...If you come off a drug or medicine, you stop taking it.You say `come off it' to someone to show them that you think what they are saying is untrue or wrong.You say `Come on' to someone to encourage them to do something they do not much want to do.You say `Come on' to someone to encourage them to hurry up.If you have an illness or a headache coming on, you can feel it starting.Tiredness and fever are much more likely to be a sign of flu coming on.If something or someone is coming on well, they are developing well or making good progress.Lee is coming on very well now and it's a matter of deciding how to fit him into the team...When something such as a machine or system comes on, it starts working or functioning.The central heating was coming on and the ancient wooden boards creaked.If a new season or type of weather is coming on, it is starting to arrive.I had two miles to go and it was just coming on to rain.When you come on to a particular topic, you start discussing it.We're now looking at a smaller system but I'll come on to that later.If someone comes on to you, they show that they are interested in starting a sexual relationship with you.I don't think that a woman, by using make-up, is trying to come on to a man.When a new product such as a book or CD comes out, it becomes available to the public.The truth is beginning to come out about what happened...It will come out that she has covertly donated considerable sums to the IRA.When a gay person comes out, they let people know that they are gay.I came out as a lesbian when I was still in my teens.To come out in a particular way means to be in the position or state described at the end of a process or event.In this grim little episode of recent American history, few people come out well...So what makes a good marriage?

Don’t take my word for it. in Chinese (Simplified) Faith and religion are not commonly accepted topics of conversation in social settings. You can do it. 'If someone or something comes between two people, or comes between a person and a thing, they make the relationship or connection between them less close or happy.It's difficult to imagine anything coming between them...To come by something means to obtain it or find it.If the cost, level, or amount of something comes down, it becomes less than it was before.If you buy three bottles, the bottle price comes down to £2.42...The price of petrol is coming down by four pence a gallon.If you come down on one side of an argument, you declare that you support that side.He clearly and decisively came down on the side of President Rafsanjani.If you come down on someone, you criticize them severely or treat them strictly.If Douglas came down hard enough on him, Dale would rebel.If a problem, decision, or question comes down to a particular thing, that thing is the most important factor involved.Walter Crowley says the problem comes down to money...I think that it comes down to the fact that people do feel very dependent on their automobile...What it comes down to is, there are bad people out there, and somebody has to deal with them.If people such as soldiers or police come for you, they come to find you, usually in order to harm you or take you away, for example to prison.Lotte was getting ready to fight if they came for her.If someone comes forward, they offer to do something or to give some information in response to a request for help.A vital witness came forward to say that she saw Tanner wearing the boots.If information, a report, or a telephone call comes in, it is received.Reports are now coming in of trouble at yet another jail.If you have some money coming in, you receive it regularly as your income.If someone comes inon a discussion, arrangement, or task, they join it.He had a designer come in and redesign the uniforms.When a new idea, fashion, or product comes in, it becomes popular or available.It was just when geography was really beginning to change and lots of new ideas were coming in...If you ask where something or someone comes in, you are asking what their role is in a particular matter.Rose asked again, `But where do we come in, Henry?

This is the British English definition of see for yourself.View American English definition of see for yourself. Many of us spend much of our time in the workplace or other environments that are secular, intellectual, and pluralistic.