Pyroclasm Animations Recommended for you. But this is a grown man in a workplace. Doing this together would maybe alert someone that they have a harassing-young-women problem on their hands, and get you some help in making him stop.Or you could bring in a water pistol and shoot him squarely between the eyes next time he tries to scare you.. More seriously, a loud shriek might go a long way toward getting other people to stop him.LW this is misogynistic harassment.

Oh, and 4. not being intimidated by people who make a LOT more than me who have a LOT more clout than I do.Yes, thank you! HR may not agree, though, so start with the verbal approach.Oh gosh… I once cracked a classmate’s eye socket with my elbow because he did precisely that back in university. I find it really hard to believe that being an ass is a cultural default setting.It’s a universal setting, in that there are a-holes everywhere you go.Translation—he brought in $$$, therefore its a cultural issue, why aren’t you being understanding? If she says no, it’s fun, then it’s an opt-in tease, which is a solider structure than one that relies on people having to opt out.We have talked about it! I got the kind of bullies who escalated. (I was recently in a supermarket and was looking at food when I heard some random woman say “put that down, please, [my name]” in that tone. He doesn’t get to “forget”. Either way, I’m glad you’re going to talk to him – that’s the first step.Except omit the ‘please.’ “Please” makes it a request when it’s…not.Eh. When someone comes up behind me and startles me, I jump. I’ve actually been able to decrease my anti-anxiety medication now that I’m not in a constant state of panic.That is horrific. (FTR, this was 20+ years ago. Direct and serious can be a kindness all on its own – it’s not something to avoid.Oh, the pouting would make me volcanically pissed.

That approach recognizes that we all fail sometimes, and sometimes a firm correction is a much needed lesson. It doesn’t matter if the other person is older, rich, or “nice.” He’s being a complete d-bag about this and no amount of niceness excuses that. It’s a weakness that I’m well aware of, has caused problems for me in the past, but is very difficult to overcome.

That’s WHY they’re doing it.Yeah, this comment section is a good example of how common this behavior is, how often it is aimed at women, how much most people hate it, and it’s just making me angrier. Fortunately, she didn’t.Even though I wound up not hitting her, I absolutely believe that physical touching justifies a physical response.

You could frame it that he’s breaking your concentration and it’s affecting your job. He charmed my manager so even when I did bring things up to our boss, Boss would just brush it off, like “Oh he never does that to me!” Of course he doesn’t. (And I say this as someone trying to bite her tongue hard about this, because…. I have PTSD and have since childhood, it makes me very jumpy. This person is downright mean and needs to be reported for harassement because that is what he is doing.This so could have come from me. If this dude kept doing it after a clear No, I would feel threatened, and it’s absolutely not ok or funny for him to be doing this in the first place.Sneak up and GRAB you? Then if it happens again, drop any shred of courtesy and escalate.Absolutely agree about not coddling or changing the firm boundary setting behavior by the OP.But I have had enough therapy to know that all of us have some things lurking inside, that when we pull them out and examine them, they’re clearly not true or healthy. But I wanted to address possible physical improvements to the situation if he proves impervious to demands for reform.