One year I got to walk from West Town (Grand/Halsted/Milwaukee) area to 500 W. Monroe which is like a solid mile through some really cool parts of the city to a Mail Time job. Ranking The Chicago Highways. Rather than call our local expressways by their route numbers, we refer to them by nicknames. I’ve got the better part of 120,000 miles of good hard road under my sales feet around this clusterfuck. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is responsible for maintaining these highways in Illinois. 3 AP style also recommends abbreviating avenue (Ave.), boulevard (Blvd.) Joliet, Aurora, Elgin, and Highland Park are among the suburbs near Chicago that are featured on this map.

It blows. Their names may be famous, but do you really know why Route 66 is the Mother Road? Chicago Tribune, June 10, 1897. All 78 miles of it. Commuting fucking blows and there’s no getting around it. 10 Most Famous Highways in America. Like you could have just said it was a lot and that would have been fine. 4 The kitten was rescued between Madison and Monroe streets. I don’t care what your job is, how you get there, how long it takes, etc. The highly detailed inset of the Chicago central business district shows highways, streets, parks, landmarks, and other points of interest. I’ve played on both teams in my career – commuting both in and out of the city. I touched on this a bit in my post about Chicago highways. Honestly no one needed to specifically tell me $142,000. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve been paying attention enough to know the following:That’s it for the rankings. Fuck these godforsaken failing pieces of mid 20th century infrastructure. Chicagoans do not call each of the seven major highways by their Interstate numbers. The article takes up at length the more prominent thoroughfares of the city and traces the origin of their names. Even if it’s a good commute. Fuck you concrete. Chicagoans rarely call the seven major highways by their actual names.

The Interstate Highway System in Illinois consists of 13 primary highways and 11 auxiliary highways which cover 2,248.93 miles (3,619.30 km). I’ve taken buses. I understand that we’re about to drive 225,000  miles throughout our corporate america lives, and I get that I’m forking over a good chunk of money in the process. Carl 1/02/2019 10:15 PM. Tell me why I’m right or wrong. Style Guide Alert: The Associated Press Stylebook (AP style) recommends lowercasing any road-related term in combined names if the term is the same for both names. ... SmarterTravel. And it blows pretty much any time of the day, every day of the year. I’m mad.So without further ado, here are the official power rankings from easiest to worst.

That’s why I always have to “translate” directions from Chicago natives. That’s why I always have to “translate” directions from Chicago natives. There’s no such thing as a good commute.That said, there’s a special kind of suck to commuting in Chicago. We call that the mid-market insurance salesman Suburban loop in Chicago, and it fucking blows. The Struts' Chicago Halloween Show Thrilled & Brought Oasis Back From The Dead. and street (St.) when used in a singular, formal name preceded by an address number. I’ve parked in garages in the loop. And fuck you 290 for taking up the better part of my adulthood being ripped upside down every which way causing literally traffic jams back to O’Hare and Midway and Kanakakee if you look hard enough. Chicago Highways. Instead, we rely on [...][...] in the U.S. Or, at least, not always in the same way. And even that sucked a relentless amount of dick because, you guessed it, I was commuting to work.Glad I got that off my chest because I’m teeing up what I think should be the official power rankings of the worst highways in and around Chicago. The Loop, Printer’s Row, Chinatown, and the Near North are among the neighborhoods shown on this map.