The first publication will focus on heatwave preparedness and risk perception in Tunisia, Georgia and Israel whereas the second publication will focus on roles that different stakeholders have in national heatwave health actions plans in countries in Europe.Natural disasters 2019: Now is the time to not give upPodcast: Mind the Shift (with prof. Debarati Guha-Sapir)PhD Student dr. Maria Moitinho selected to become a Horlait-Dapsens laureate

The Centre became a Following the retirement of Professor Lechat in 1992, , a researcher in the programme since 1984, became CRED's Director.Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters - CRED , with activities linking relief, rehabilitation and development. CRED's research scope includes two main axes: natural disasters and crisis situations caused by civil strife, conflict or others. CRED has been active for over 40 years in the fields of international disaster and conflict health studies, with activities linking relief, rehabilitation and development.The Centre promotes research, training and technical expertise on humanitarian emergencies, particularly in public health and epidemiology.. The CE-DAT database is a compilation of  - in other words, the most commonly used public health indicators of the severity of humanitarian crises. Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) CRED promotes research, training, and information dissemination on disasters, with a special focus on public health, epidemiology, structural and socio-economic aspects. The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) is a research unit of the University of Louvain (UCLouvain). 2018-0432    Explosion in a chemical factory; Zhangjiakou, China (P Rep)2018-0426    Earthquake; Kermanshah province, Iran (Islam Rep)2018-0413    Shipwreck with migrants; near Izmir, Turkey2018-0409    Wildfire; North California, United States2018-0410    Collision between two buses;Rusape, Zimbabwe2018-0398    Helicopter crash; Farah province, Afghanistan2018-0402    Collision between a bus and a truck; Amhara state, Ethiopia2018-0389    Train accident; Yilan county, Taiwan2018-0362    Bus accident; Between Nairobi and Kakamega, Kenya2018-0355    Military truck accident; Freetown, Sierra Leone2018-0364    Flash Floods; Cap Bon Peninsula, Tunisia2018-0340    Collision between a truck and a bus; Between Kashan and Natanz, Iran (Islam Rep)2018-0341    Typhoon Mangkhut; Phlippines, China and Hong Kong2018-0336    Explosion of gas tanker, Nasarawa, Nigeria2018-0327    Collision between two trains; Munhino, Angola2018-0325    Helicopter crash, Dehdadi district, Afghanistan2018-0306    Earthquake; Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago2018-0307    Truck accident; Kibulungu, (Kasaï), Congo (Dem Rep)2018-0296    Collapse of a bridge of an highway, Genova, Italy2018-0223    Wildfires; Athene surrounding, Greece2018-0222    Collapse of a dam in construction; Attapeu province, Laos2018-0228    Road accident; near Ecatepec, Mexico2018-0192    Collision between a truck and a bus; Sanandaj, Iran (Islam Rep)2018-0190    Floods and landslides; Okayama and Hiroshima Japan2018-0187    Fire in an open market; Nairobi, Kenya2018-0152    Coal mine explosion; Marwaarh, Pakistan2018-0141    Explosion and fire of a illegal oil well; Aceh, Indonesia2018-0126    Boats accident; Guilin, China (P Rep)2018-0106    Military plane crash; Boufarik, Algeria2018-0098    Bus accident with migrants; Igdir, Turkey2018-0083    Plane crash by landing; near Kathmandu, Nepal2018-0078    Truck accident; Bhavnagar district (Gujarat), India2018-0071    Collision between two trains; Al-Bahaira, Egypt2018-0035    Mount Sinabung eruption: Sumatra Isl., Indonesia2018-0057    Plane crash; Ramenski district, Russia2018-0026    Fire in an hospital; Miryang, Korea (Rep)2018-0025    Storm Friederike; Belgium, Netherlands and Germany2018-0010    Mudslide; California, United States2018-0009    Road accident; Near Grao Mogol (Minas Gerais state), Brazil2017-0520    Fire in a building, Jecheon, Korea (Rep of)2017-0529    Flood and landslide; Villa Santa Lucia (Los Lagos), Chili2017-0511    Wildfres; California, United States2017-0510    Collision between two boats, near Thatta, Pakistan2017-0505    Road accident; Tsholotsho district, Zimbabwe2017-0443    Earthquake; Pohang, Korea (The republic of)2017-0442    Road accident; Fuyang, Anhui province, China2017-0446    Earthquakes; Iran (Islam rep) and Iraq2017-0441    Shipwreck; Tanganyika lake, Congo (Dem Rep)2017-0425    Explosion in a thermal power station; Uttar Pradesh, India2017-0419    A bus falls into a river; Dhading district, Nepal2017-0432    Slide on a construction site; Penang, Malaysia2017-0435    Shipwreck with migrants; Kerkennah, Tunisia2017-0393    Volcanic activity; Mount Agung, Indonesia2017-0385    Dengue outbreak; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan2017-0363    Landslide; Bijie, Guizhou province, China2017-0351    Bus accident, Taman Peninsula, Russia2017-0340    Landslide; Ituri, Congo (Dem Rep of)2017-0333    Collision between two trains; Khourchid, Egypt2017-0295    Collapse of a buidling; Bombay, India2017-0271    Wildfires; British Columbia, Canada2017-0274    Bus accident; Himachal Pradesh, IndiaDisasters of the week 28 - July 10 - July 16, 20172017-0246    Floods and landslides; Kyusgu Isl., Japan2017-0241    A bus caught into fire; near Münchberg, Germany2017-0229    Cable car accident; nera Islamabad, Pakistan2017-0166    Thunderstorms; Western Cape, South Africa2017-0157    Road accident; Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India2017-0150    Migrants falls from overloaded ship; near Zouara, Lybia2017-0150    Migrants falls from overloaded ship; near Zouara, Lybia2017-0210    A bus falls into a ravin; Motozintla (Chiapas state), Mexico2017-0093    Cholera and diarrhea outbreaks; Somalia2017-0092    Fire during a religious gathering, near Tambacounda, Senegal2017-0094    Violent winds; Central African Rep.2017-0088    Collision between two boats; near Pathein, Myanmar2017-0103    Fire in a karaoke bar; Magway, Myanmar2017-0106    Floods; Oshana and Omusati regions, Namibia2017-0114    Shipwreck with migrants; near Kusadasi district, Turkey2017-0081    Transport accident; near Saint-Louis, Senegal2017-0056    Collision between two buses; near Rosario, Argentina2017-0066    Fire in a slum; Manilla, Philippines2017-0029    Fire in a massage room; Zhejiang, China2017-0028    Floods; Visayas and Mindanao islands, Philippines2017-0011    Plane crash, Datcha-Souou; Kyrghyzstan2017-0004    Rail accident; New York, United States2017-0001    Fire on a boat; near Jakarta, Indonesia2016-0495    Earthquake; Esmeraldas province, Ecuador2016-0500    A bus falls into a ravin; Abancay region, Peru2016-0498    Gold mine collapse; Makungo, Congo (Dem Rep of)2016-0463    Forest fires; Tennessee, United States2016-0433    Tropical storm Otto; Pnama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua2016-0412    Coal mine explosion; Laisu, Yongchuan district, China2016-0396    Collapse of buildings; Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China2016-0355    Hurricane Matthew; United States, and the Caribbean2016-0351    Coal mine explosion; Shizuishan, CHina (P Rep)2016-0331    Floods; Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, United States2016-0318    Landslides; Villa Nueva, Guatemala2016-0317    Road accident, Al-Wadi province, Egypt2016-0320    Fire in Qilinto jail; Addis Abeba, Ethiopia2016-0312    Wildfires; Washington state; United States2016-0314    Fire in a warehouse; Moscow, Russia2016-0296    Bus accident; Kavre district, Nepal2016-0292    Floods; Louisiana and Mississippi, United States2016-0278    Collapse of a bridge; Bombay region, India2016-0267    Floods and landslides; Nepal and India2016-0277    Balloning accident; near Lockhert, Texas, United States2016-0258    Collision between two trains; Pouilles, Italy2016-0205    Chemical spill from a factory; Shenxian county (China)2016-0203    Storms and floods; Virginia, United States2016-0221    Floods and landslides; Kumamota prefecture, Japan2016-0204    Helicopter crash; Choco department, Colombia2016-0210    Collision between two trains; Durban, South Africa2016-0213    Wild fires; Arizona, California and Alaska, United States2016-0177    Explosion in an amunition depot; near Nagpur, India2016-0180    Fire in an Elderly house; Litochki (Kiev region)2016-0151    Earthquakes; Esmeraldas and Manabi provinces, Ecuador2016-0171    Collision between a truck and a bus; Burkina Faso2016-0149    Landslide; Great Lakes region, Uganda2016-0157    Coal mine explosion; Lougansk, Ukraine (Russia)2016-0115    Thunderstorms, Soriano department, Uruguay2016-0144    Explosion in a petrochimical plant; Coatzacoalcos, Mexico2016-0103    Collapse of a hoist on a building; Donggua, China2016-0100    Earthquake; Pakistan and Afghanistan2016-0097    A bus falls into a river; Cusco province, Peru2016-0111    Storm Katie; France and United Kingdom2016-0102    Collapse of a bridge; Calcutta, India2016-0108    Accident in a coal mine; Shanxi province, China2016-0079    Fire in a rehabilitation centre; Sterlitamak, Russia2016-0073    Collapse of a building; Lekki, Nigeria2016-0069    Contamination; Unite state, South Sudan2016-9050    Drought and food insecurity; Lesotho2016-0064    Coal mine explosion; near Vorkouta, Russia2016-0042    Collision between a bus and a truck; Ghana 2016-0044    Collision between two trains; Bavaria, Germany2016-0047    Poisoning in a mine; Choco department, Colombia2016-0027    Snowstorm and cold wave; South Korea2016-0007    Fire in a factory; Moscow, Russia2016-0010    Snowstorm, East coast, United States2016-0020    A bus falls into a ravin; Junin region, Peru2016-0018    Eruption of Ubinas; Moquagua region, Peru2016-0013    Gaz leak; California, United States 2016-0003    Gaz explosion in a bus; Karak, Pakistan2015-0556    Fire in an hospital; Jazan, Saudi Arabia2015-0551    Floods; Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay2015-0539    Bus accident; Rosario de la Frontera, Argentina2015-0537    Fire in and hospital; Voronej region, Russia2015-0524    Landslide; Lebong Tandai (Sumatra Isl), Indonesia2015-0523    Roads accidents during 'Magal'; Senegal2015-0531   Winter storm; Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma states, United States2015-0513    Crash of an helicopter; Igarka, Russia2015-0505        Train accident; near Quetta, Pakistan2015-0496        Shipwreck with migrants; near Ayvacik, Turkey2015-0463    Collision bettween a truck and a bus; Puissegin, France2015-0452    Explosion in  a restaurant; Anhui province, China (P Rep)2015-0444    Landslide; Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala2015-0414    Stampede during pilgrimage to Mecca; Mina, Saudi Arabia2015-0419    Gaz explosion in a restaurant; Madhya Pradesh, India2015-0404    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia (Arab Rep)2015-0376    Migrants accident; Burgenland, Austria2015-0363    Floods; Durazno and Trinta y Tres departments, Uruguay2015-0360    A bus falls from a bridge; Kwa-Zulu natal, South Africa2015-0340    Stampede during a pilgrimage; Jharkhand state, India2015-0319    Collapse of a building; Canchungo, Guinea-Bissau2015-0292    Floods; Quand Ninh province, Vietnam2015-0295    Fire in a furniture factory; Cairo, Egypt2015-0260    Collision of two boats; Waraq region, Egypt2015-0262    Collision of two trains; Johannesburg, South Africa2015-0244    Typhoon Chan-hom; China (P Rep), Japan, Taiwan and Philippines2015-0241    Collapse of a military house, Svetly (near Omsk, Siberia), Russia2015-0267    Military plane crash; Medan, Indonesia2015-0233    Road accident; near Tédoua, Central African Rep2015-0230    Collision between a train and a bus; Tabika (El Fahes), Tunisia2015-0193    Fire of a truck in a road accident; Onitsha, Nigeria2015-0188    Fire in an elderly home; Pingdingshan, Henan province, China (P Rep)2015-0221    Oil spill, California, United StatesBy providing a wealth of data on health issues arising from disasters and conflict, CRED seeks to improve The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) within the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) provides We are currently preparing two publications based on the SCORCH project.