Cherish only realizes she was under attack for a moment- Taylor was holding two simultaneous conversations with her and Burnscar, and using the different emotions in each to obfuscate her intent. It isn't even a proper fight. Also, it encourages innovative uses of powers by said hostsShe can also cause other types of physical changes in organisms, up to and including bugs which improve the range of Skitter's power, a giant beetle, and, to Panacea's horror, changing the way people think about her.unleash an energy blast that would kill the heroes fighting Behemoth and likely destroy IndiaRegent's use of his power to control people's bodieswhen the Undersiders need to take over a member of the Wards, they target Shadow Stalker, whom Skitter knows to be a violent sadist from the horrifying bullying campaign Shadow Stalker's civilian identity perpetrated on Skitter's civilian identity.Regent and Tattletale justify the creepy stuff done to Shatterbird on the grounds that she has been a mass murderer and torturer for years.Tattletale justifies taking Victor to Skitter by explaining that he is just as bad a human being as Shadow Stalker.Foil uses her power to pretend to have been hit by one of Gray Boy's time loops until Gray Boy's back is turned.However, those who had their powers artificially induced by Cauldron do not need a trigger event, a feature which Cauldron claims results in more heroes.Imp is undertaking a variation of this with the help of the Heartbroken. Unless you're implying Nothing short of Alexandria or an Endbringer would stand up to I did my best to ignore the feedback that I got from that particular attack, as I most definitely did not want the same kind of topographical map that the swarm had provided just a minute ago. Skitter is blinded by a bomb denotationBecause of her bug-sense, very few people realize she's blind, and the total end result of the blindness is just pissing Taylor off.Regent monologues about how all the goodbyes everyone else is saying to one-another is Tempting Fate, and is the only person to not start practically writing his will.

These beings are later discovered by readers to be fragments of a larger beingTaylor after she asks Panacea to overclock her power to control insects, becoming Khepri. Worm by John McCrae, a.k.a. The island is described as crumpling like paper in a fist. What follows is both an epic TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Bank Alea Iacta Est Amelia Another Way Atonement Bird The Bodyguard (Worm AU) Burn Up (Worm) Cenotaph … Although they're featured in several interludes, they're absent from the main story for several arcs before they return and assist in banishing Echidna.a Noelle-clone of Tattletale managed to manipulate Shatterbird, Vista, Weld, Shamrock, and Gully to escape the ruins of Coil's base and gain a management position in Weld's Case-53 mercenary group as a fake Case-53Trickster when he sides with Noelle and gets several members of the Undersiders absorbed by her.When Leviathan has just left the shelter and knocked Skitter — at that instant the only cape in position to track Leviathan's movements — face-down into the water with a broken back, Bitch turns up with a pack of empowered dogs, rescues Skitter, and keeps Leviathan tied up fighting on the street long enough for the supervillain who calmly executed Coil and felt bad for not feeling any guilt over itantiheroic loose cannon of a superhero that Weaver becomesthe omni-controlling borderline insane entity that Khepri ends up asthe superhero Golem capable of fighting toe to toe with the Slaughterhouse Nine.She uses it later on to fool the vaunted Gray Boy into lowering his guard.Cue another, later chapter of same arc which reveals that Coil's civilian name is Thomas Calvert.The day after the Undersiders rob the bank, that event is pushed off the front page of the local paper, the Bulletin, by a report of a kidnapped child — specifically, Dinah Alcott, targeted by Coil for her precognitive abilitiesThe several hundred cloned Slaughterhouse Nine die in groups in a single sentence.the reason the S9 were such a threat was that they were essentially terrorists, picking their fights to be in favourable conditions, and often evading straight up battle. This ultimately leads to him convincing Scion to take this trope to heart, although he would have done so eventually on his own.Battery, Siberian, Raymancer, and Rime among others all died offscreen.This is a safety measure installed by Scion to keep humans ignorant of their power's true natureTaylor mentions how much money she made as a villainContessa gave Taylor a double bullet lobotomy at the end of the story because Taylor more or less became an insane demigod, well, that or a coma, which says something about the story since this actually might be considered to be a good ending for Taylorrender almost everyone in town unable to identify people by looks or mannerismsshe was the feminine ideal because, as an AI, she could be bothTheir gadgets only work because the shard responsible for it is active and connected, exerting its influence.We find out later that she had also used the opportunity to skim a portion of the robbery's take and bank assets to her own personal funds. The half-set sun cast his shadow out before him, down the gentle slope towards the construction site and Kaiser.