I will continue to add to this list as I make more word search printables.If you want to see all of the Catholic printables on the site (not just the word searches), you can These are the topics that didn’t fit under other more specific topics. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Way to go You claim u have the free printable books of the bible to print, but I can not get it too print. Thanksgiving Word Search is a fun holiday activity for children of all ages. It is small enough (with big letters) for kids who have difficulty with word searches, but still fun for kids who love to them. I don’t have time to make such nice printables, so I really appreciate these being available to print! Please try again.Angie, mom to three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home. It's important that you confirm or you won't receive any more emails with free printables, fun feast day ideas, and exclusive subscriber discounts.There was an error submitting your subscription. It's important that you confirm or you won't receive any more emails with free printables, fun tips, and other helps to make your life just a tiny bit easier.There was an error submitting your subscription. These are perfect to use while teaching about the Sacraments for the first time or just as a reminder and discussion springboard for later.There are currently a few of the free Catholic word search printables on the site that focus on just one (or two) particular saints. I particularly enjoy using the one’s that teach prayers, or have Bible verses, they are comforting and encouraging for children and their families. With just nine hidden words in this word search, it also makes it more doable for kids in the anti-word search camp.Subscribe to the Real Life at Home weekly newsletter to get our latest content, exclusive free printables, learning activities, and ideas for celebrating with your kids all yearSuccess! Even some parents ask for one and they color along with their children. I appreciate that, and love knowing how much the kids liked it.Thank you so much for your wonderful color sheets.

For now, here are a few saints who you can get word searches about. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. The Catholic Saints and Heroes Printables and Worksheet Packets range in size from 13 pages to 42 page.Subscribe to our weekly Catholic newsletter to get the latest content and subscriber freebies!Success! ), as well as being a former homeschooler, she is passionate about supporting both parents and teachers by providing printables, crafts, and activities to help children learn and grow.I really liked the Christmas Activity Placemat. I needed it for my Sunday school class to learn the New Testament. Catholic Saint Word Search Printables. That is awesome that you’ve made a Catholic option! All Rights Reserved. I use them in my ministry at Children’s Hospital, whether at their bedside or at our Children’s Prayer Time. One type of word search that I make here at Real Life at Home are Catholic word search printables with topics that might be helpful for Catholic kids or for people teaching Catholic kids either at home, at religious education, or in a Catholic school.To make it easier to keep up on some of the Catholic Word Search Printables that I have available on the site, I thought I would put together an index of many of them. And, then there are people like me and This Catholic Word Search Printable is perfect for kids in both camps of the word search debate. One of my jobs is to put together some activity for the kids to do before religious ed classes start, and that was a very popular activity. Thank you so much for your ministry.Thank you so much for such kind words. Find each word and click its first letter then its last letter to highlight it.