This is why he is garbage. This only comes at the cost of a more expensive splash attack.Fire Demon: The fire demon is a crowd control god. It seems to be intended as a kind of damaging shield to use when blitzing through enemies, but it doesn't really work like that too well. The only reason you should play as these characters is if you want to beat them all or you just really have a thing for arrows.Alien: Alien is weird. U should try thinking before posting im sorry this was pointless Grab some popcorn because this is gonna take a bit to read. He has a normal, non elemental splash and projectile, does basic damage, has no defining traits whatsoever. Or just try doing the abandoned mill again and then fighting the wizard. Fencer. The Fencer is an unlockable enemy in Castle Crashers. Close. The only thing that bear really has going for him besides the juggling is that the standard projectiles are pretty good, but Saracen unfortunately doesn't have that privilege.Green Knight: This tier list is really old, so keep in mind that the green knight would usually be down by blacksmith and hatty in D if the tier list was made by modern standards. For the second fight you must exit out to the main menu and start a new game. He has the tornado splash magic, which really isn't a splash magic at all. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It should take more than an hour to go through every one of those levels again. r/castlecrashers: Welcome to the Castle Crashers subreddit! Unlike their cousin, The Industrialist, their Cogs are much weaker and can be blocked. It's slow, does hardly any damage, falls from the sky on a huge delay, has pretty mediocre range, only a couple hitboxes, trash. The only upside is that it's pretty much just a better version of the arrow rain due to it being much faster.Necromancer: This character is really held back by the fact that his splash, while very fast and long range, only has one hitbox per segment, making it have really low DPS compared to most characters. This is a place for you to share anything related to the indie game Castle Crashers … Press J to jump to the feed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Melee is the main damage output method for everything is this game besides some bosses, so this is a HUGE setback, It's enough to make him the most memed on and roasted character in the game by a wide margin.Peasant/Civilian/Stoveface/Open Faced Gray Knight/Thief: All of these characters are the same, and all of them are pretty garbage. OK! Their splash magic is that same crappy arrow rain, but their projectile is a bomb, which is the best projectile in the game. It only hits Hatty Hattington: Poor, poor hatty. Followers 0. I would have posted it myself, but I literally can't find a video of it on youtube, that's how hard it is.Barbarian: This is the first character you can really consider "bad". Spamming it can clear crowds really fast, especially in the air, and it singlehandedly promotes these characters from C tier to S.Brute/Snakey: These characters are pretty much diet fencers. The buzzsaws also take a while to finish after the casting animation is complete, so you can move away just after casting it while the buzzsaws continue to deal damage from where you were before.Buzzsaws completely ignore all terrain including pits, slopes, walls, and the line in the volleyball game. There are literally a full two or three seconds between when you hit the button, and when the attack comes out.

Less afterburn damage, slower splash, worse for bosses.

I'm partial to the Industrialist, myself.

It has an huge explosion radius and does afterburn damage, making it pretty much just a condensed orange knight splash attack.

Which makes sense, given how he's unlocked. First and foremost, he can't switch weapon, which is a pretty big downside. He can do the same super fancy juggle combos, but his projectile is really bad. Starting at the top: Fencer/Industrialist: The saw boys are the iconic top tier castle crashers character. I’ve been playing him for like 9 years now and i can’t stop playing him! Everything i have to say is to mean for this fourm. Their splash has huge hitboxes and shreds bosses, but nowhere near the level that the saws can do it. The Fencer's choice of ranged weapon is a Bomb, and he can use Bonesaws or any other Industrial Weapons as his main meele weapon. 3. fencer or industrialist. He can be unlocked by winning the whole game with the Industrialist, who can be unlocked by winning the whole game with the Blue Knight. You can ask people on the discord if you're interested on it. They have the arrow rain magic, which is basically just the "Dan Paladin didn't have any ideas" magic. For Castle Crashers on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Industrialist or Fencer? So they're both pretty equal. Weapon choice Late game, Fencer lives up to his reputation. Only 3 characters can do this.Royal Guard/Conehead: These characters are good because of their projectile. However, they have a longer range. Who do you like better? Beat them all again and you'll get your Fencer.Which console are you on?

Fencer's Splash Attack has Capitalize on Magic as soon as possible. This is another feature unique to them.This is the most powerful spell for defeating enemies that aren't knocked over, due to the number of hits. SpacePirateKhan 9 years ago #1. Castle Crashers; Unlocking the Fencer; User Info: LordDrg7. (Actually I'm not 100% sure if I have to beat the wizard twice on normal, but it's worth a shot)thx but will it work?and should i post this on the issues page?You do have to beat the wiz twice on normal.

It works much better as a kind of combo extender for REALLY advanced melee juggles.