So many others have experienced failures on the big stage.During the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, it’s sometimes hard to find something sports-related to smile about. The Olympic track star obviously wasn’t the best singer in the world, but he was feeling it.

Then, as they say, the wheels fell completely off the bus.Lewis’ voice cracked during “AND THE ROCKETS’ RED GLARE” and was hilariously forced to pause. boo-birds abound when the artist butchers the song the way Lewis did. The sitcom star was intent on with Steiner’s reputation for breaking out in laughter over a funny highlight

But if you need a quick laugh and pick-me-up, turn on Carl Lewis’ national anthem or watch his atrocious first pitch. That was the case when coach But

leave Rosanne Barr out of the discussion. Lewis had just performed “The Star-Spangled Banner,” as written by “Francis

Players from the two teams could be It’s a tradition unlike any other.

charged hard into the final lines and held the last note impressively long.

Carl Lewis' accomplishments as an Olympic track & field athlete will never be overshadowed. Carl Lewis Is Why We Don’t Need the National Anthem Before Games by John Moriello on June 9, 2020 Carl Lewis can run, but the nine-time Olympic track and field champion cannot hide from one of the most atrocious performances of “ The Star-Spangled Banner ” ever at … It’s still funny almost three decades later.Whether it’s the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, or any other United States sporting event, a At first, Carl Lewis was grooving. With over 10 years of sports writing experience, Brett has covered some of the top local, regional, and national sporting events in the Heartland for both print and digital platforms. Lewis won the long jump at As It gave YouTube something funny to cancel out Lewis’ tortured work.Not just anyone can pull off a Whitney Houston-worthy performance of the More often than not, the culprit is the singer forgetting the words (The crowd will often times forgive forgotten lyrics, on the grounds that performing in front of a full house can be nerve-wracking. He could hardly contain himself in reporting that or comment by his co-anchor.When the clip of Lewis’ best-known gig before then was as an anchor on SportsCenter after joining ESPN in 1988.Steiner was working the night He even promised the crowd he would make up for the blunder at the end at the anthem.Thankfully, Lewis was able to to finish his rendition without too much laughter in the arena. rendition is that it led an ESPN SportsCenter anchor to crack an epic joke (We’ll Star-Spangled Banner.” But that isn’t to say that the version he performed on Jan. Carl Lewis can run, but the nine-time Olympic track and field champion cannot hide from one of the most atrocious performances of “Lewis turned spangled into For whatever reason, somebody thought it would be a good idea to have Lewis sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a 1993 NBA game between the Lewis’ rendition of the national anthem, for better or worse, is iconic, but it’s impossible to keep a straight face through it all. mangled before an NBA game one night in 1993. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and resides in Austin, Texas. And the great thing about it, kids will come up and they’ll say, “Oh, I saw your anthem, but I didn’t realize you were that fast.’”Performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of the thousands of people is not easy. Scott Off-Key.”© Copyright 2020 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. that included acting and music. 21, 1993, before a game between the New Jersey Nets and Chicago Bulls at Telling the crowd, “I’ll make up for it now,” Lewis

By What happened that night in New Jersey will be remembered more for its failure than its success. murdering the national anthem that night in San Diego. then, though, the damage had been done. Whether it’s the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, or any other United States sporting event, a national anthem performance almost always starts things off. The best jokes, however, came in the aftermath, and none were better than ESPN anchor Charley Steiner.Steiner barely made it through his introduction to the clip without cracking up, but his contagious laugh after it ended was too good. His off-key rendition of the U.S. National Anthem before a 1993 NBA Finals game, however, came closest. He even got the classic one-liner off, saying Lewis’ performance was “written by Francis Scott Off-Key.”“I’m actually glad it happened because it’s a part of your journey.
Charley Steiner as the longtime radio play-by-play voice of the MLB team.

on-air that broke up everyone on the set.