Eucalyptus leaves have a fair amount of moisture hence koalas seldom drink water. Some areas list it as vulnerable or rare, yet others list it as common. It continues to nurse off the mother’s milk for up to a year and eats eucalyptus leaves. Although they have unique adaptations for living in their habitat of eucalyptus forests, wildlife in general cannot adapt as fast as the rapid changes brought on by mankind. A joey measures under one inch in length. If you have been fully trained in koala rescue, care or transportation, hold a specialist species permit with references, and have proven experience with the Department of Environment & Science, please contact us to arrange local induction and become a carer today.

In its native country of Australia there is no uniform status definition. Information facts about their population and habitat vary, but they live mainly in the Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria. Although the koala does not live in the United States, it is in fact listed under the United States Endangered Species Act as threatened. Plant specie information about eucalyptus trees indicate there are many different varieties in the wild. They have very specialised diets and can be difficult feeders.

But they do travel on the ground when necessary, to get from tree to tree or to a new area. Upon birth the joey makes its way to the mother’s pouch and attaches itself inside. How do you know if a koala needs attention? During the mothers lifecycle she will produce up to six cubs. Some baby koalas want to use the safety of the pouch longer than necessary but their size prohibits them from climbing back inside. Their habitat continues to decline as human populations demand more land resources, endangering some koalas. Although they are cute, cuddly, and baby like, wild Koalas should not be approached or handled. Their diet includes up to one pound of leaves a day. Although the leaves are poisonous to most animals, they have special bacteria that live in their stomachs to break down and digest them. The koala has special teeth adapted for their eucalyptus diet. In addition to eating large amounts, koalas are able to survive on their diet since they have a slow metabolic system to conserve nutrients and energy. Mothers give birth and raise only one baby koala at time.

They are a large animal prone to erratic behaviour and require large enclosures. Since they have no natural predators in Australia, this adaptation is not to their disadvantage. There is so much you can do to volunteer and help our cause that doesn’t require you to be a trained carer or donate money.Koala care is a very specialised skill. The koala’s habitat is in the country of Australia. Eucalyptus leaves are high in fiber and low in nutrients.

The majority of their front and back teeth act like scissors to chop the leaves into pieces suitable for digestion. The animals are built to live in the crooks of branches: koalas have a reduced tail, a curved spine, and a rounded rear end. Eucalyptus forests are home, shelter, and food for koalas. By definition koalas eat only eucalyptus leaves, they do not prey on other animals. In fact each koala is particular about what kind they will eat. Human pet predators are an additional threat. You would need to release the koala to the wild as soon as he’s well enough or old enough to care for himself. A newborn kaola baby is called a “joey” and does not resemble an adult since it is born blind with undeveloped features. One of the main reasons koalas are endangered in some areas is the destruction of native eucalyptus forest habitats. Overall stress on the livelihood of these animals is increasing as threats caused by man made activities shrink and impact their natural environment. Eucalyptus leaves is the only food koalas eat. They are in fact at the top of the food chain in their habitat. Even then, you can’t keep a koala indefinitely as a pet. In Australia koalas that live in the wild have no natural predators. Although their habitat is in four states of Australia, they live in fragmented territories separated by various man made development activities. They do have sharp claws and teeth and can use them if necessary. When it emerges from the pouch it takes on the familiar cute and cuddly appearance of an adult. As well as this, they can die within 2-3 days without their proper diet.For this reason, it is recommended you start with easily managed and smaller wildlife such as possums or gliders first for your training. Eucalyptus leaves have a fair amount of moisture hence koalas seldom drink water. Their status is dependent on each particular region of each Australian state, which in turn is dependent on population and habitat information. The koala has special teeth adapted for their eucalyptus diet.