Follow Cara as she travels around the globe, or makes herself at home at local beaches.A model since the age of 14, Ania has long been immersed in the world of fashion. A list of the top blogs in the Canada category based on 20+ different factors including RSS membership, Number of incoming links, social media, monthly visits.

Is that a cause for concern? All (us YouTubers’) views dropped like 50 percent and our income was cut in half.” But she says she plans accordingly for such dips.Powell says YouTube itself tries to actively assist creators.“We have account managers, when someone gets over 10,000 subscribers they reach out to them to help optimize their channel,” he says. Alicia always proves that happiness, laughter, and a smile are the best accessories!From stylish resort wear to upscale NYC Fashion Week looks, Alexander Liang is the ultimate inspiration for men’s fashion in Canada. The House Gamers is a group of YouTube channels started in 2012 by Dayton Bauder, Ben Triggs & Jack Pilley. Sharla In Japan currently sits at more than 493,000 followers, while other upper-echelon English-language creators such as Interest extends to other online spaces. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site.

From crisp little white sundresses to 70’s inspired looks, she offers her readers a multitude of ways to wear current trends in their daily lives. His channel, , takes you through Tokyo’s lesser-known spots, as well as a comprehensive connects kids from across the globe for an insider look at the Japanese way of life. The Australian vlogger is a performer at and is now on a mission to capture Japan’s undiscovered attractions.The growing channel has less than 230,000 subscribers at the moment, but Hannah has already amassed an impressive portfolio with various Japanese tourism organisations. They even allow creators to rent equipment, from cameras to a device called Odyssey, which comprises 16 GoPro cameras in what looks like a space-age-dumbbell meant to capture VR-appropriate footage.“They’ve gotten better, they used to not really include us and only focus on Japanese people, but the current staff is really helpful,” Sharla says about YouTube.The bigger roadblock to creating video content in Japan, however, might be obtaining a visa. There’s no funny business going on with your data.The sheer androgyny, sporty, collected, and cool vibe Strut exudes is unreal. Posted on February 8, 2017 by Amanda. I’ve always loved Japanese culture and have wanted to visit, so YouTube has been a fun way to see Japan through someone elses eyes.

She supplements videos with a Though most of her income comes via YouTube, she says the platform still presents a feast-or-famine risk, wherein slight alterations to the site can change her fortunes.“Recently, they changed their algorithm,” she says. But it has boomed in the past two years.“I think English-language creators in Japan are actually lucky,” he says. Ally’s Gumboot Glam offers elegant and ladylike fashion for the everyday fashionista that likes to get dolled up.This fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger shares relatable beauty and style posts. Unfortunately, her five foot five height wouldn’t allow it! Stephanie’s enviable style is a chic mix of classic pieces paired with modern trends.With his mission to help men around the world embrace fashion, this Toronto-based style blogger offers daily inspiration to guide men into the world of personal style. In lieu of those unpredictable temps, they've learned to master layers and functional fashion that actually looks good, proving that you CAN have great style regardless of how cold it is.Cara’s effortlessly chic style represents the quintessential summer-girl. 10 Forward-Thinking Fashion Bloggers from Down Under!US-Based Fashion Bloggers: Here Are 14 of Our FavoritesThe Shelf, 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, United States This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Her video priorities have also changed.

More people have become comfortable vlogging now. After leaving her full-time job behind in 2013, Ania focused her energy on blogging, photography, and modelling.

Her style is both relatable and edgy, and her voice is a constant of realism and honesty.Clean, modern, and sophisticated. On her channel, she shares really informational videos about life and travel in Japan. Canadian style is often perceived as basic and practical. Vanessa Cesario is a recent media studies grad, living in Toronto blogging about all things edgy and street-inspired. Tokyo Drew - Canadian Expat living in Tokyo for the last 15 years. Her own personal style is edgy and cool, exuding that je ne sais quoi Montreal is known for. Episode 60: Japan's foreign residents are trapped — Part 2 If you’ve always had a gripe with overly populated spots, check out this channel as Angela has all the deets on Japan’s less well-known and underrated destinations. J-Vlog stands for Japan Video Log, and the videos chronicle peoples’ lives in Japan and the trips they take.