Any respirator should only be worn by children under close adult supervision and should only be worn when required. You can find the washing instructions are on the back of the tin. Cambridge Mask was established in 2015 to help everyone to go outside without having to worry about what they breathe in.

We thought maybe the hands and feet could have a direct link – but it is still possible to have very large feet, and a medium face, so that idea was written off too.We are open for preorder of PRO masks in XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes Our website uses cookies to understand how people use our website in order for us to improve our website.Wearing the correct size mask is essential for effective filtration and comfort.

The valve ensures the exhaled air is expelled quickly. Sizing Guide To ensure the mask is the right size. Read on and we will answer your questions.

These are the two main methods. We do not  offer masks for babies under 1.5 years both due to the choking risks and as babies lungs aren't able to overcome the resistance to draw air properly through our filter materials. Some customers have attached material between the two ear straps, tightening the fit. Choosing the right size for your Cambridge Mask is essential to ensure the mask performs effectively.

Presale quantities are strictly limited per Wave so that we do not promise masks we cannot deliver. When inhaling this valve shuts and the air is forced through the filters. There are currently no PPE on the market which would fit under a helmet and be comfortable. This will remove dirt, makeup and dust, however it will not extend the life of the filters. A healthy child from this age onwards should be able to overcome the resistance to airflow due to the mask and therefore would not have their oxygen intake limited. Cambridge Mask™ filters out pollution particles such as PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3 as well as bacteria and viruses using a unique triple layer filtration system. Please first, measure from the middle of your nose to about a little over an inch under your chin, this is the reference for the first number on our size chart. This is what we have for now, and as soon as we’ve found the magic recipe – we will be updating! The Cambridge Mask is available in a variety of designs and has 5 different sizes to fit the whole family.

- Dismiss Our website uses cookies to understand how people … Wearing a motorcycle helmet over the Cambridge Mask might create a problem. However, we strongly recommend you check the background of manufacture to confirm those claims. Sunglasses and glasses tend to fog when the mask is slightly too big and the air can escape through the top of the mask when exhaling only. What size mask am I? Our masks are packaged in small tin boxes, with plastic zip lock bags which also act as a safe storage compartment of your mask when not being used. We have had a number of customers report good feedback when wearing the masks with a beard, however, we cannot formally recommend it. The Cambridge Mask Pro is a fashion-focused pollution mask that comes in a range of patterns and 5 sizes to fit children and adults. Note that most health and safety organizations recommend no facial hair is worn when using a mask, as it may have an effect on seal/fit. And check when you inhale there are no gaps between the mask and the face which could allow air to enter. Cambridge Masks™ provide PRO and BASIC masks that filter over 99% and 95% of air pollution respectively. Due to the nature of the filters required for filtration below PM2.5 it is unlikely any bandana type mask will have that. All shipped from the UK. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve trawled the internet-wide and far to see if there is some correlation between other common body measurements that link to the mask size of the face – but it just isn’t a thing.We thought perhaps hat sizes could be a good way to go, but who honestly knows their hat size, and then that of saying your child’s hat size?
Do I really have to measure? Alternatively, if you would like you can try a mask one size down.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as we wished. We are open for preorder of PRO masks in XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes Click here to preorder. Masks are available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. There are Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Please allow us to make it right and improve your experience with our mask. This does not usually create any issues as smaller children do not need to exhale as much air as adults. Rest assured, we are working hard to improve the mask and create new products that are better suited to certain activities.The mask should be sealed snug on the face as not to be too tight to restrict facial movement, not too lose to allow external air in through gaps. We aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our customers. I ordered a mask, but it doesn’t fit at all! Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as we wished. You may consider ordering up a size if you are near the top of our sizing boundaries. This leaves the "buff" type bandanas which offer little in the way of protection from pollution.