Rank: Vance: I heard Janice & her sorority sisters went to Florida for spring break, & got buckwild in their hotel room. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

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also nice something is nice.Definitions include: to undergo a medical procedure with no regard to one-self's mental or physical comfort.Definitions include: crazy, to act crazy or make something crazyDefinitions include: originated when people in the tri state area would get cut in the face, usually by gang members.Definitions include: one of many made up "sex moves" that involve physical abuse of women.Definitions include: to get hit with a thrown object.Definitions include: of a person, in a particular sexual position.Definitions include: an invitation to let something proceed, as when bull-riding and requesting the gate be opened.Definitions include: to be sexually promiscuous, usually during youth.Definitions include: when a person asks a question, used to indicate that the person already knows (or should know) the answer.Definitions include: acronyms for "a woman I'd like to Definitions include: to have fun, act crazy with a group of friends. Syndra Kayle Jhin Kassadin yelling, beating. All rights reserved.

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Game content and materials are trademarks and … Bard Dallas nightlife has always been a little different than what you might find in most other cities.

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Tryndamere Urgot Amumu Irelia Kha'Zix Professional junk hunter.

Kindred Kalista A rock band gets stuck on a haunted farm while visiting its lead singer's family.

That old “everything’s bigger in Texas” saying definitely applies here, and Bucks Wild is living proof of that.

Yasuo Twisted Fate Say, where'd you come up with that name, Kha'Zix