The braided sides form a larger braid at the top that starts at the bun and runs all the way to the nape of the neck.Going natural of recent has become the new trend. Create designs on your sides and get all your hair meet at the top of your head.

If your hair is short, weaves helps you recreate these gorgeously knitted mohawks.

The hair was divided into three parts and the braids were styled into three buns, producing the appearance of the mohawk. The hair is naturally curly and to make a mohawk look has been swept up on the sides. You can do a style without having to lose your hair permanently. In addition to weaves with straightened hair, you can also use curly ones for your faux hawk.

On the sides, you can try this style or try another braided pattern.

This versatile style has evolved to include countless variations and the latest invention is cocktailing different braided Mohawk hairstyle with a weave.

At the top of the head, the hair is loosely braided and becomes a deep curled ponytail.

Keep them small and thin though, so you don’t take the limelight away from the mohawk.The last mohawk braid look we have to show is absolutely stunning.

The hair is a loose mohawk with sleek twists and a short ponytail. After you are done, you want to make sure you secure your braid into the ponytail using a bobby-pin. Here is another bewitching hairstyle with the combo of vibrant highlights that reveals the youthful appearance of women. Its a hairstyle thats easy to wear and suits everyone.

For a wedding or party, a mohawk like this would be perfect. You can try these side braids or try a different funky pattern.Next, we have another top knot look to show you.

This hairstyle is a beautiful example.

Any type of a braid would look amazing with this hairstyle so be creative!Love the frohawks?

There are thin side braids with a lovely curly weave for this look. We love this hairstyle because wearing a mohawk … You can attach accessories of any kind.You must not choose a bold mohawk. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this hairstyle. Source.

This is a beautiful idea of hair that can be worn on the city from day to night. The hair has been parted into three sections and the braids have been styled into three buns that create the mohawk look.

With the coalition of braid and mohawk with technique has bucked up white women as well to try this out.Braided mohawk hairstyle with weave lets you keep your hair and try out these gutsy styles moreover, they come in all shapes and sizes and can often be done on your own except for cornrow or box braid you’ll require professional help.

Keep your scalp nourished with oils so it stays stimulated and hydrated while in this beautiful braided hairdo. Try this super funky braided spiked Mohawk with a weave for an edgy appearanceIt is an innovative and incredible addition to braided Mohawk hairstyles. We have an amazing red mowhawk here.

For this hairstyle, the hair has been braided into neat and sleek braids. The hair on top of the head was cut into a bold mohawk and there are also delicate side braids. It is a type of mowhawk that is going to wow everyone.

Make sure to check out Joana’s YouTube tutorial down below.Our next mohawk is stylish and elegant.

The hair was braided into a three-strand braid. The hair has been braided into a simple three stand, pull-through braid. This is a hair idea that will make you look glam but show off your edgy style too.If you want to try a mohawk but don’t want to be too bold, this hairstyle idea is for you.

The hair is divided into sections and on top of the head has a beautiful twist mohawk style.

This is a versatile hairstyle for every occasion to look great.

Check out these 13 mohawk braids that’ll make you look awesome; from Stay GlamWe have a mohawk that features beautiful braided buns. You can find tutorials online to help you recreate this look at home.If you love bubble mohawks, check out this next idea!

This is ideal for women who want a stunning statement look!

Browse these braided mohawk hairstyles and you will get your desired one in no time.The elegant cornrow braid Mohawk hairstyle with a weave is a smart choice for a working woman going for business meetings or formal dinners.Want a chicly or rock look for yourself? This is an idea of hair that will make you look sexy, but will also show off your edgy style.Stylish and elegant is our next mohawk. JpgWeve got a chic mohawk twist next.

Of trendy side braids and ties, the hair has the traditional mohawk feel. It is a cute look that will make you stand out from the crowd in style!

Having a mohawk with clean side cornrow will make you Such side braids can be tried or you can try another funky style.Amazing is our next mohawk style! It also has pieces that are sparkly jeweled. Thats for you then.