"Man, that was a good one.

"Is "Your secret boyfriend, the ginger science genius you tried so hard to avoid when he came to check out Gotham Academy's program early this year, even thought he wasn't interested at all in what our school had to offer."

But even before we started dating, he's always been there for me, making me laugh at the most inappropriate times, even thought he isn't funny at all, or keeping me grounded by questioning my actions and objectivity when no one else would. Nov 30, 2019 - Explore riverhamilton's board "Birdflash" on Pinterest. Wally felt Robin all over, whereas Robin just leaned against his boyfriend. He answers and Wally snorts."Dude. I mean, Dick Grayson in Central City might be a little hard to explain, but Dick Grayson breaking and entering some guy's house, that's... That's bad. Dude, the press would never let it go. "Wally laughed, and with that he ran offArtemis sat down next to Robin at the kitchen island and watched him eat his meal.

Kid Flash fake outrages and dramatically throws himself at Dick.The boy wonder takes his chance and brings his boyfriend's head to his lap. It was no secret that Wally hated anything related to Business or Math, Economics being the one he hated the most; anyone who met Wally, would know this fact within a week. "Wally laughs, mostly because Dick's hair tickles, and he pushes the boy over to the bed, lying by his side. "Barbara Gordon watches her father shake Bruce Wayne's hand out of the corner of her eyes and "That's it." "And it sucks a whole lot more that this is how I first tell you I love you, huh? But he takes some comfort on the fact that he missed the first thirty minutes of it.

The girl didn't even comment on his choice of action too distracted by her question at mind. They aren't dating.He only realizes he's crying when the tears fall down from his face to his hands. Wally reaches for his hand, and stares dumbly at him like he can't believe he's there. Barbara has the smuggest of smiles on her face.

"So I guess it's my time to say 'no you are the best bf ever' and then you'll go 'I'm not, you are, shut up,' and then I'll go 'make me,' so why don't we skip all the clichés and make out already? I'm dying here, man.

"Um, KF, what are you're doing?" "So, uh, I hear you have a boyfriend. They wouldn't treat them like people, they never did, and Dick's been on the center of this circus more times than he'd like, so why can't Wally just "You don't know what you're asking for.

"Dude, you're my boyfriend, but you're also my best friend. You were zeta-travelling here." "It's okay, you don't have to say it back or anything. "Babs, I am in love with my boyfriend. "Wally's on top of him in literally a second and they're kissing and touching everywhere and Dick's smile breaks into giggles because it kind of tickles and Wally's always so eager and intense and he's vibrating under the touches and Dick is "Aw, Wall-man, miss me much?" Barry enters his room, bringing a giant pot of ice cream and two spoons. He doesn't wait for the redhead's reply, he just hangs up and Wally's left with this horrible feeling on the pit of his stomach that maybe it's too late.

I mean, we really shouldn't risk someone recognizing you one more time. "Unless you want to break up, because if you do, then, that's fine with me, ha, it's totally okay, bro, uh...""I don't." He knows Dick is up to something, he's even smirking, for goodness sake, and not knowing why makes him sick with worry and anticipation. "I hate. He says and rubs his eyes against Barry's shirt because he feels like he's about to cry and he refuses to do so. Does your dad even know you're gay?

"Do you want to... break up?" "Don't be an obtuse jerk, rule 7 allows me to hit you in the head if you are. "When I call you because I miss you or because I want to see you, you have to check your schedule to see if you can fit me in somewhere between being Dick Grayson and Robin and that's... How do you think that makes me feel? Dick looks away and tries to change the subject because he completely forgot about that tomorrow's Friday. It's all really happening.

""Why are we even discussing this?" As he's consumed by grief though, there are those who want to help him.

Sometimes he gets caught up in his own speed without even noticing and every time it happens, it gets harder for him to slow down so he lets the boy wonder guide him back, despite still being a little mad at him.

"Look, maybe we're too different, maybe we just don't fit together and we'll have to break up eventually, but I can't give up on us without even trying!

Plus, I couldn't wait, Wally. So he can do it today, and tomorrow and on friday and forever."Yes!" He scoffs and gestures for Wally to sit next to him on the bed. Dick Grayson is his best friend and the love of his life and his Robin and Kid Flash aren't dating, but neither are Richard Grayson and Wally West. Kid Flash shifts to get comfortable and actually purrs like a cat when Dick's hands start going softly thought his hair. Didn't you see his face when Superboy ran out of the warehouse carrying you? Send to Friend. Bruce's saying and who would think the 'bruce-glare' could be more terrifying than the 'batglare'?In less then two minutes Bruce and Dick have entered the limousine and drove away, but everyone's still screaming and Wally remembers how to move.He runs back to the living room and turns the TV on.

Justice, but as Robin, and Wally knows that. ""Gotham doesn't have cheap super villains. Kid Flash crosses his arms and Dick is horrified when he's hit in the face with the realization that he's annoyed at Wally for caring, for being a good boyfriend. Dick called him.