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About us MISSION BBQ opened for business on September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the day our world changed forever. We smoke on site all day every day, and that produces great food.Newton: This is personal for Bill and his family.

The proceeds for those fundraisers go to local police, fire and charities and we also host a military appreciation night.Kraus: We want to be the first responder to the first responders.Newton: We wanted to keep our culture and our company closely held and tight-knit. When close friends Bill Kraus and Steve Newton opened their first Mission BBQ in Glen Barrie, Maryland on September 11, 2011, they chose that date purposely.

Its menu is the same at all locations, and its barbecue draws from regional inspirations from Texas bbq to Kansas City bbq to Carolina bbq.Here are what co-founders Steve Newton and Bill Kraus said about Mission BBQ’s growth:Newton: First and foremost, all the growth we’ve been blessed with has been based on the hard work of all of our teammates, from our first restaurant to our 79Kraus: That’s where we come back to freedom of choice. It was ten years after the world had changed and the World Trade Center was attacked in New York, and they wanted their restaurant to achieve two purposes: serve unforgettable barbecue food and demonstrate their patriotism and love for their country.And so far Mission BBQ is exceeding expectations. Co-founder Bill Kraus says this is just the beginning. After doing some market research throughout the United States, they opened the first Mission BBQ in After getting a handle on the barbecue scene in the United States, Kraus and Newton decided to not include microwaves or freezers in their restaurants, and instead, smoking the meat just a few hours ahead of time.The concept of supporting military came from co-founder Bill Kraus, who had two sons serve in the

We’re doing it at a time when our company needs to be brought back around the table and know how fortunate we are to have these folks serving our community and our country.Newton: Whenever we decide to go to a community, we do fundraisers the week before we’re open. The entire atmosphere, including the décor on the walls, indicates service to one’s community or our country, including pictures that now people have shared.Newton: In regards to these pictures, we say if the walls could talk, they’d tell stories of service.Newton: Our food is homemade and handcrafted. As long as you’re a carnivore and enjoy smoked meats, we give you the option by dry rubbing our protein. And they’ve been wonderful providers and very simply, as long as we continue to perform, they continue to be supportive.Newton: We’ve been focused mostly on east of the Mississippi and look for metropolitan areas that are densely populated with strong demographics and attractive real-estate sites.Newton: We’ve tried to set in place cornerstones of our culture that make it attractive and rewarding for our teammates at all levels to be involved and to serve. MISSION BBQ opened its doors for business on September 11, 2011 and is now in nine states and still growing rapidly.

And then we offer you as many as nine or ten different sauces for you to determine your particular taste profile.Newton: All the sauces on the table or in the Craftsman’s tool box represent different areas that have different flavors--vinegar from the Carolina’s, sweetness of sauces from the South, to the tanginess of Kansas City.Kraus: I think we’ve created a place of comfort, warmth, togetherness and bringing people together around our tables.