The headphones can be collapsed and ear cups are foldable for maximum convenience and space saving. The construction looks kind of tacky and some users experienced problems with the wires that became worn out too fast.In conclusion, the headphones are a great option for recording music because they offer crisp high frequencies and amazing high mids with a general sparking sound. Pioneer put their tremendous DJ manufacturing knowledge to good use when creating the HDJ-700s!Sennheiser packs their equipment with highly innovative tech. Actually, the headphones are designed to automatically mute in absence of pressure on the headband. I am an Upcoming New York based Musician and Producer. They can also feature superior bass reproduction since the low end is confined within the cup of the headphones and doesn’t escape.The majority of studio headphones come in black because most customers prefer that color. You can also find some decent color choices with the ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones.The Sony MDR7506 is the perfect option if you are financially restricted. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro gives you the best value headphones for your $200. During recording, high-quality studio headphones can actually stop the sound coming out from the guide track and prevent it from leaking in the microphone and spoiling the music that was recorded.A lot of audiophiles like to combine their studio headphones with headphone amps to enhance the sound quality. However, this is strictly a matter of preference and has nothing to do with how the headphones perform.Many studio headphones come with extra converters, cables, or even protective cases. However, if you look around a little, you will come across brands that offer some cool aesthetics that may sway your choice.Electric blue, red and green are also becoming quite popular these days. High frequencies are rolled off slightly to prevent fatigue in loud listening environments. Even the cheapest pair on the list by far, the Audio-Technica M20X, is well known for its reliable delivery of quality audio even in loud environments.Best DJ Headphones Under $200 (Updated August 2020) If we want to instead listen to a mix as it would appear from the sound system then we can often use monitor speakers. The material is pro-grade, which makes it long-lasting and comfortable at the same time. They make use of the latest technology in acoustic memory foam, which is what makes these headphones incredibly awesome. Whilst they might seem big and clunky to some, you might really appreciate having the extra padding around your ears during more extensive DJ sets.The M20Xs combine quality sound isolative qualities with a well-tuned driver for studio and DJ use. Nothing is cut or emphasized beyond normal limits – these headphones are designed for reliability and precision.A big drop in price but a smaller drop in quality, the M50X’s little brother the M20X are credible as semi-pro headphones and the price is pretty remarkable. 1. They deliver precision-based audio with an amazing comfort level, making them the best option for long wearing sessions while in the studio or on-the-go.The contoured ear cups shut tight and offer solid sound isolation, and are quite comfortable on the ears with minimal pain and sound bleed.

These headphones look ultra-cool, distinctly Pioneer, and they unsurprisingly dedicate lots of features towards DJs specifically.Strong materials like ABS plastic and aluminum combine to create a high-quality pair of headphones that can withstand life on the road and behind the decs.