Some users also report that the winch fails under lighter loads. Top 5 Best Come Along Winch Reviews 2020 Research-wise, we have done everything necessary to ensure that this article provides all the key elements you need to know before buying the best come-along winch. We also liked the Maasdam Pow'R Pull 144S-6 come along winch.

Its gears are powerful and it can easily pull as much as 2000 pounds of load.

It's a heavy-duty, manually-operated winch with 6 feet of 5/16-inch galvanized cable. Unlike the others so far on this list, this come along winch features a rope rather than a cable. As we move on with the winch that we are calling the top power puller, there are a few key considerations that need to be taken into account.As far as the features go, then the build quality, by far is one of the best you can currently find on the market. Brands like TEKTON, Maasdam, and ABN all have their differences on the market.But they do one thing really well.

It has all the features expected for a come along winch, including a standard notch-at-a-time let, which makes for positive control of the winch.One key feature is that it has OSHA recommended safety latches, which means the hooks actually stay connected. This single gear come along tool features a galvanized 3/16” diameter braided steel cable, as well as a high-strength 3-plate ratchet and pawl system which the manufacturer states makes it suitable for farming, machine shop, boating and landscaping use – and there are also 2 x 3/8-inch hooks to help with a variety of applications.This come along cable puller is operated by a 17-inch steel ratchet handle which has a cushioned, non-slip rubber grip, allowing easier and more productive operation. ATE Tools 5 Ton Hand Puller Heavy-Duty Winch Pull Hoist Come Along Cable Lever. However, there are also plenty who say it served its purpose, and that it’s a good buy for such an affordable price.2-ton maximum weight capacity, 1-ton safe working load limitNext up is the second model from Maasdam on our list, the 144SB-6. These cables can vary in length and diameter, but they are typically braided or reinforced straps or ropes that are largely made of steel. It must be said, we did focus more so on the lower budget end of the best Come Along Winches, yet we did concentrate on trying to find good value in this category.All the winches we covered, as mentioned before, are in the lower end of the price bracket for this market, so there should be some realistic expectations that ‘come along’ with inexpensive prices.We definitely think that all of these hand winches will serve you exceptionally well in emergency situations, such as your vehicle getting stuck, or a smallish log blocking the road.When getting into the maximum pulling load amounts for these winches, maybe some of the winch parts realistically might not live up to the task or could have durability options as well.

Furthermore, the steel cable included is also solid enough to last you at least a couple of long and hard rotations.Overall, we believe it’s a pretty well-rounded option for the masses. They usually feature wire rope that wraps around a drum. The best solution to such problems is to use a come along winch. And that’s research. If you’re in the woods, that means an extra-long extension cable or a generator may be required. It's designed for construction, automotive, landscaping, boating, camping, and vehicle recovery and rescue. The come-along winch was invented in 1919 by Abraham Maasdam of Deep Creek, Colo. And by that, we are talking about a comparison table.The TEKTON 5547 has some pretty well-rounded features. When it comes to the best come along winch, you’re the ones that have to choose in the end.Although most reputed brands maintain a certain level when it comes to overall safety. Having dual gears, as well as locking pawls all the pulling force when it is used, should be distributed more evenly.Also just like the other Tekton we covered, it has a hardened steel construction which is galvanized for corrosive-resistant properties. But you can always try checking out other independent reviews or the manufacturer’s website for good measure.When it comes to the overall capacity of your come along winch, you need to be aware of your daily workflow.But, in case you’re dealing with heavy construction loads, then you may want to look for something more capable.You need to pay special attention to safety whenever you’re buying a power puller or a hand rope puller.Brand-value offers you two things. This come along winch has a 2-ton capacity, so double the maximum weight limit of the previous model – although as you would expect, the price reflects this. Thanks to their unique capabilities they are doing a fantastic job of lending a hand in the ever so demanding construction space.But they aren’t just effective in the construction space. Traditional come-along winches are also known as hand cable pullers or power pullers. This one's 1-ton capacity makes lifting walls and roofs and pulling dents simple. It is also a good idea to lay a chain, or other weighty object, over the cable whilst it is in operation. They can be used to pull dents out of car panels and straighten bent frame extensions. They are self-locking. This one's 1-ton capacity makes lifting walls and roofs and pulling dents simple. It's designed for use in auto shops, garages, construction, ironwork, equipment maintenance, machine shops, and more.Warn winches are so durable they're often handed down at least one time. As a result, special care must be taken to ensure it doesn’t fray. It has a single-speed gear design and a 10-inch high leverage steel handle, as well as a 3-inch non-slip plastic grip for easy operation.All of this is capable of maneuvering weights of up to 0.6 tons. Some reviews mention that it is hard to unreel the cable, although others seem to think this is an instructional or user issue, as they are happy with the quality of the product and have successfully used it to move heavy weights such as car haulers.This Neiko 02256A Power Cable Puller has the most impressive pulling capacity yet at 5 tons.