The Bee Gun Summon is a Summoning weapon functionally identical to the Bee Gun except for its damage type. Right click the Magic variant to convert. Bees will dissipate on contact with water or lava, but not honey. It fires 1-3 fast moving homing bees that will track down the nearest enemy and deal only a small amount of damage. It fires a 2 to 5 Wasps (5 being least likely) with each shot that fly out and lock on to targets.

Bees will not home in on enemies in water or lava. The stingers they shoot will do constant damage to the enemy until it dies. However, the speed of bees fired gives good DPS. The Wasp Gun is a magic weapon dropped by Plantera. v ... Terraria Mods Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The Bee Gun is a possible drop from the Queen Bee. The bees will bounce off walls 3 times before expiring, making it … It is an upgraded version of the Bee Gun, dropped by the Queen Bee.