The Egg will be there! Flame him for a Green Gem, then defeat his Cat Wizard to get another Red Gem. Charmed Ridge. You’ll find a To collect the Gems you dropped earlier, first drop out of this tower to land on a Cat Wizard’s Red Gem. Now jump up the stone blocks as steps to get to the Basket with a Purple Gem.

The spot for this Egg is shortly after you pay Moneybags 600 Gems to "activate" some steps you can jump up. Byrd can shoot out of the with his missiles (or even better, hit the Witches early so they can’t cast them). There's also a Skill Point here for shooting out all four windows in the arena, however you must do this during one of the actual combat rounds, as the arena is otherwise locked from access. However, it turned out that both Prince Azrael and Princess Ami were truly in love. Up here on the tower you can pick up four Red Gems and a Purple Gem. Lastly, climb up the steps to collect two Red Gems from Cat Wizards. re: Charmed Ridge that high ledge the one with the two cat wizards on who rise the steps for you you cant get to it from that ledge with the flame powerup on i …

Open the Basket for a Purple Gem, then collect two more on the ground in front of the Crossbow Rhynoc. Byrd section can be accessed from near the end of the level. Return to the Superflame Powerup and now climb up the ladder on the wall. Welcome back to the first Spyro the Dragon! The witches move too quickly to be attacked at any other time. What you'll want to do is take the Yellow Seed in that area back to the previous planter and swap it with the mushroom to get a Pink Seed. Next, jump over the moving block to get to the Cat Wizard with a Purple Gem, then pick up the Red and Purple Gem in the corner. Vase to the left of the steps.

Get to the top of the tower in the plaza of the castle and Glide to the ledge on the right-hand side, then across the gap to the Challenge Portal. Trish. This egg can be found by the cave entrance (the cave is located by the platforms). From here, Glide to the left to pick up a Purple Gem and kill a Cat Wizard for a Red Gem, and lower the castle gate. Glide to the entrance and the egg will be there. One has can only be found by Sgt.

This time however what grows is determined by the seeds, not where they’re planted. The Portal to Charmed Ridge can be found in the titular lake of the Evening Lake Home, on the tower that the whale swims around.You’ll need 58 Eggs to activate the Portal. Level Name: Charmed Ridge Gems: 600 Eggs: 6 Egg 1 - Egg in the cave Egg 2 - Glide to the tower Egg 3 - Rescue the fairy princess Egg 4 - Jack and the beanstalk I Egg 5 - Jack and the beanstalk II Egg 6 - Cat witch chaos Skill Point 1 - The impossible tower Skill Point 2 - Shoot the temple windows. Look down to spot a ledge you can drop to with two Butterfly Jars! Glide over to the plaza ahead and Charge the Lance Rhynoc (he won’t drop a Gem, though). On the other side, jump down to the island down the right edge to land on a safe spot with two Green Gems and a Purple Gem, then climb back up using the ladder and pick up two Purple Gems in front of Alicia the fairy. On the main part of the structure you can kill a Cat Wizard for his Purple Gem.

Hit it and it will warp to the starting island: climb on top of the archways and Glide over to the island and hit the ? Vase again just behind Checkpoint 2. Instead of jumping over the gap at the end, however, turn around and spot the cave on your right with an Egg in it. Here, face left and spot the cave entrance to the right of the of the upper cave exit.