The official inspection tours, you would think, would be sanctioned for access and travel in any way they please-- yet this circumnavigation by air or water has not occurred. You should read and study and have an open mind to all the evidence and way all information, but when you just copy and paste everything you are not thinking for yourself , may God soften your harden heart Lol .. you have problems with evidence. Richard E Byrd said that "no woman had ever been on that continent, maybe that's why it's the most peaceful one on Earth" (paraphrased) that's the exact reason I've come across this page :) thank you for your work Rick, personally I appreciate it! I've always questioned: why the sky/oceans blue? I posted it as a little bit of an aside to the true mission here. lol... shows their level of critical thinking :) which is the exact point of the film. Below is a picture of the earth. You UTTER, UTTER SPANGLE/MOMO/TEAPOT/WINDOW-LICKER...Thanks for the video, I'm watching it now. It now appears Bullfrog merely carried the Pancake video to sell it. And have you even bothered looking at the live feed from the International Space Station? I've been reading Dubay off and on-- getting discouraged and excited off and on--- going around in circles-- during the past year. am deeply in love with every single piece of information you post here. I guess to be expected, Hendon being a journalist and not a scholar on the subject. If that's what the notation says, I'll do an entire blog post on it. for the link. They are outnumbered. Relive the funniest moments that happened before the opening credits of "Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? You are far from smart. She failed due to bad weather.

I have been feverishly researching and debunking the globular theory of the Earth being a sphere for 6 months now. Malcolm Gladwell began working on a book on Barnes but dropped his project when he found out Hendon's book was about to go to press.´╗┐Please read PIm's book and pay attention to the Quantum physics chapter :)Couldn't agree more - every flat-Earther is basically just a religious maniac without the wherewithal to do any research or even think for themselves. I too am confused. Also, there are normal cycled days/nights through the year. But, my earth does seem flat, especially over the seas. EVERYTHING moves in the cosmos. I'm personally fascinated with the flat earth theory! Because the Earth is (oblately!) So please, do tell me WHAT THE FUCK THAT HAS TO DO WITH N.A.S.A.? See ya!

Indeed, the guide presented with the film explained its purpose was take something everyone generally understood to be false and make a film showing the opposite, which would then challenge viewers to say "Wait a minute. This is a cool and clever, cheap and safe idea Rick!This is a cool and clever, cheap and safe idea Rick!So Andrea Barnes is a fictional character. You show yourself in your words.I think he's confused because you two share a common species but yet can see the world so differently: one living in a fantasy, the other not. In fact, don't - this "coversation"/retard duck shoot is over now - I can't be bothered typing anything more to anyone as retarded as you. And DO YOU KNOW WHERE HE CAME FROM? This film is not for them.The end of Andrea Barnes-- and the beginning of a sideshow search on Bullfrog Documentaries - by rick potvinI just discovered that the Andrea Barnes video has been removed from Youtube for, you guessed it, copyright infringement-- the film is owned by PANCAKE we'll have to go to them for more on this now. Just go to any good FE video on Youtube and you will get 10 more to back up the other using Ad Hominums and character assault never showing any facts because they have not.