Morrissey disbanded the group shortly afterward and began a solo career, signing with Parlophone in the U.K. and staying with the Smiths' U.S. label, Reprise. Great list <3Sorry, any artist 30 years into his career who claims with a straight face that his most recent output is his best and/or favorite is full of crap.Sorry Moz, “The Queen Is Dead” trumps the entire list. Years of Refusal is way too digital, lacking timelessness as far as sound quality is concerned.Southpaw Grammar was perfect as it was. Louder Than Bombs is a fantastic compilation, but the Smiths’ LIVE ALBUM? "Morrissey's sexuality has been the subject of much speculation and coverage in the British press during his career,During his years with the Smiths, Morrissey professed to being celibate, which stood out at a time when much of pop music was dominated by visible sexuality.In 1997, he revealed that he had abandoned celibacy and that he had a relationship with a Cockney boxer.Morrissey has exhibited enduring anti-royalist views from his teenage years and has fiercely criticised the Morrissey has faced ongoing accusations of racism since the early 1990s from media and commentators around the globe Various sources accused Morrissey of racism for making reference to the In 2013 Morrissey said that he "nearly voted" for the In June 2019 Morrissey rejected further accusations of At a Dublin concert in June 2004, Morrissey commented on the Simpson stated that Morrissey had a global fan following that was unrivalled in its devotion to the singer, characterising this as "the kind of devotion that only dead stars command" normally.Soon after achieving national fame, Morrissey became a Morrissey is routinely referred to as an influential artist, both in his solo career and with the Smiths. For other uses, see "Steven Morrissey" redirects here. @Jeb 1 point well made when it’s put in that contextThis list is simply meant as a back door insult to Marr. The times were personified in their frontman: rejecting all taints of rock n' roll machismo, he played up the social awkwardness of the misfit and the outsider, his gently haunting vocals whooping suddenly upward into a falsetto, clothed in outsize women's shirts, sporting National Health specs or a huge Johnny Ray-style hearing aid. And any rule applied to artists in general needs to be multiplied tenfold when discussing Morrissey.lies…all lies…the boy needs to mix in a steak once in a while.I am dumbfounded that TQID and Viva Hate aren’t in there….RANK? Personal One of my favortie Pink Floyd albums is The Final Cut.This just proves that Morrissey really has turned into the stupid twat we all feared he had become.Now go put a cat on your head and insult the Chinese, Moz.I really believe that Ringleader and Years of Refusal are his best solo albums.

For what it was worth, I gave them my life ... my youth. All Rights Reserved — in this world and all others. The song tells of the sadness and regret that I feel for anyone joining such a movement [as the far-right National Front].Vladimir Bogdanov, Chris Woodstra, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Timberg, Scott. I can understand some of his recent albums being on the list because most artists are in the now and are usually the most excited about what they have done. Morrissey Albums Andy Rourke Mike Joyce The Smiths Morrissey Johnny Marr Little Charmers The Last Shadow Puppets Charming Man Perfect Man Fuck yeah, Morrissey's hair! "Having left formal education, Morrissey proceeded through a series of jobs, as a clerk for the After the Nosebleeds' break-up, Morrissey followed Duffy to join In August 1978, Morrissey was briefly introduced to the 14-year old Alongside developing their own songs, they also developed a cover of As frontman of the Smiths, Morrissey—described as "lanky, soft-spoken, bequiffed and bespectacled"In 1984, the band released two non-album singles: "During 1985, the band undertook lengthy tours of the UK and the US while recording the next studio record, Several months before the Smiths dissolved, Morrissey enlisted With Winstanley and Langer he began work on his first compilation album, The early 1990s were described by biographer David Bret as the "black phase" in Morrissey's relationship with the British music press, which was increasingly hostile and critical of him.In the autumn of 1994, Morrissey recorded five songs at South London's After his contract with EMI expired, Morrissey signed to In December 1996, a legal case against Morrissey and Marr brought by Smiths' drummer Joyce arrived at the To promote the album, Morrissey embarked on a world tour from April to November.In December 2007, Morrissey signed a new deal with In January 2013, Morrissey was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and several engagements were re-scheduled.In April, EMI reissued the single "The Last of the Famous International Playboys", backed by three new songs: "People Are the Same Everywhere", "Action Is My Middle Name", and "The Kid's a Looker", all recorded live in 2011.In October 2013, Morrissey's autobiography, titled In January 2014, Morrissey signed a two-record deal with In January 2020, Morrissey announced the release of an 11-track album His lyrics are characterised by their usage of black humour, self-deprecation, and the pop vernacular.His lyrics have expressed disdain for many elements of British society, including the government, church, education system, royal family, meat-eating, money, gender, discos, fame, and relationships.Morrissey has described having "a macabre fascination" with violence.Morrissey's vocals have been cited as having a particularly distinctive quality.When performing onstage, he often whips his microphone cord about, particularly during his up-tempo tracks.On various occasions, Morrissey has expressed anger when he believes that bouncers and the security teams at his concerts have treated the audience poorly.
@Ned – I *love* All You Need Is Now, but you don’t see Simon or Nick putting that in a list with, umm, Thank You and Liberty as their best work. Nice try, though.Although I quite liked You are the Quarry, I think that Meat is Murder should have been at the top of the list and surely Viva Hate and Kill Uncle should have been in there before most of his recent records.