First used by the Chinese in 1990, they have refined and improved the technique and now use it on the majority of their steel arch bridges. The list below includes the highest bridges in the world currently under construction. Do you have additional data or would like to see a correction made to this page? It has a main span of 430 meters, and it is 194 meters high.

Zhijing River Bridge was the highest arch bridge in the world upon its completion in 2009. Image by Eric Sakowski / Curve spans work by exchanging the heaviness of the extension and its heaps in part into a level push controlled by the projections at either side.

The bridge is also one of the 10 longest arch bridges With a main span of 430 metres the bridge is also one of the 20 longest arch bridges in the world. One of the massive truss sections is moved into position. Once the arch was closed, concrete was pumped into these tubes from the bottom up. Then please login or register for free and use the following form to submit your information. The type of steel truss arch used for the Zhijinghe bridge may look common but the Chinese have taken it one step further, developing it into a unique type of structure all its own. The project is located in Hubei, China.

As there are several Chinese CFST (Concrete Filled Steel Tubular) bridges on this website, you may find the following in depth article to be informative. For example, (as of 8 February 2020) the The ranking of the highest bridges in the world, currently open for use. Zhijing River Bridge is the highest arch bridge in the world. Image by Eric Sakowski / This bridge spans a deep river gorge. Zhijinghe is also the world’s highest tunnel to tunnel bridge, a record that will go to the Aizhai suspension bridge in nearby Hunan province in 2012. Image by The depth of the gorge was exaggerated somewhat. The eight large steel tubes that run along the underside of the Zhijinghe arch were initially hollow. Image by Eric Sakowski / The bridge's two towers, built on … The 294 metres high bridge in the Three Gorges region of China carries the G50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway across the … Once hardened, the concrete solidifies and stiffens the arch, improving the compressive strength of the entire structure. India’s Chenab River bridge will be higher when it opens sometime after 2015 but Zhijinghe will still retain the honor of highest roadway arch since Chenab is a railway bridge. Throw in 6 other bridges over 500 feet (150 mtrs) in height and you have the greatest stretch of bridge “high-way” in the world.

A nearby access tunnel punches through the mountain. A major connection on the last 300 mile (483 km) link of the 1,350 mile (2,175 km) long West Hurong highway that now connects Shanghai on the Pacific coast with the cities of Chongqing and Chengdu in the west, the span is just one of many jaw-dropping high bridges along the Yichang-Enshi portion of the route including Siduhe, the highest bridge in the world and Longtanhe, the largest beam bridge viaduct on earth. An access tunnel was constructed next to the main highway tunnels. Only bridges with a height of 200 metres (660 ft) or greater are included. An arch bridge is an extension with projections at each end molded as a bended curve. The difference between tall and high bridges can be explained in part because some of the highest bridges are built across deep valleys or gorges. Facts As of 2012 the Zhijing River Bridge is no longer the highest bridge but it is still in the top 10 This is one of the worlds tallest, and longest bridges ever.