It appeared in the 75th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Power Rangers VS Voltron, where it fought against the Megazord from the Power Rangers series. Pidge is a technological whiz and the Voltron Force member who pilots the Green Lion. He was also the first to figure out that the Lion was alive by following its gaze. Lance's bangs are very short and flare outwardly away from the center of his forehead before they curve inward with longer strands to frame his face at his cheekbones. He has two strands of hair that sprout from the top of his head. He becomes a much more supportive member of the team and steps up to take more of a tactical advisor's role, not sugar-coating his criticism of Keith's leadership tactics but supporting him to move forward all the same. Lance was once a student at a school known as the Galaxy Garrison, which trained … He has a tendency to flirt whenever he meets a beautiful girl. . His Bayard takes the form of a rifle or a sniper. Contents . Background .
King Zarkon rules with an iron fist and is obsessed with the destruction of his arch enemy Voltron. Lance is brave, adventurous, friendly, and free-spirited, often howling like a wild man during his fights and adventures, showcasing his unrestrained love for what he does. Lance is shown to be quite homesick, deeply missing the Earth and desiring to return to his family, reminiscing on the beach near his home, splashing in puddles, and experiencing rainfall. Lance is all about having fun, even a million miles away from Lance has the appearance of a lean older teenager with light brown skin, short brown hair, thin eyebrows, and blue eyes that are notably drawn with small irises and pupils. Lance's personality is very complex, as he has shown several different, often conflicting sides throughout the series. Voltron is an animated television series franchise that features a team of space explorers who pilot a giant Super Robot known as "Voltron". He is usually the first to make light of a delicate situation, either by joking around or flirting. When meeting the Blade of Marmora for the first time, Lance pointed out to Shiro that Keith would become angry and attack someone if taken on the mission. This is one of the few times he appears sad and he is unwilling to let his friends witness it.

Around girls, however, Lance tends to focus on flirting, sometimes neglecting his teammates, as shown through his interactions with Nyma.

Lance is the Paladin of the Red Lion of Voltron and the former the Paladin of the Blue Lion. Lance was the only one fooled by Pidge's disguise as a boy. No matter what, Lance’s heart is always in the right place.The intro and closing sequences, admittedly in poor quality (so watch it small).Lance: “Count me out, I say we’ve been polished enough.”RED LION ROBOT [DEX 07 STR 09 BODY (Hardened Defenses): 15, Claws: 10, Energy Absorption: 15, Flame Immunity: 10, Flame Project: 10, Flight: 15, Radar: 20, Running: 06, Sealed Systems: 20 ; Limitation: Power Reserve is dependent on all five Lions joining together to form Voltron in order for it to activate, and is fueld by Energy Absorption (APs of Power Reserve are distributed to Voltron’s Physical Attributes, with most going towards his Blazing Sword) ; Drawback: Loss Vulnerability: The Red Lion requires a periodical dose of heat, fire, and/or lava to keep it running].Source of Character: 1980s animated television series Lance is always cracking jokes and teasing the others whenever he gets the chance.Regardless of that, however, he is a great pilot, though a bit too daring at times. It is currently piloted by Keith, Lance, Pidge, Allura, and Hunk. He became far more serious in his missions and coordinating battles with his allies.

Lance tends to get caught up in the way that he sees the world rather than the way things actually are. Keith's hair is described as a mullet. Like Hunk, this rounded set of skills allows him to both literally and figuratively support his teammates.

Though he did sustain near-fatal wounds, Lance survived long enough to get to a healing pod, and was even able to wake up long enough to shoot Sendak. Voltron, piloted by the Voltron Lion Force, is the main protagonist of the series of the same name. His piloting skills are not on the same level as Keith's, but are good enough that he was able to instinctively control the Blue Lion without any prior idea of how to do so, showing an instant close bond between them. Five space pilots sent by the Galaxy Alliance travelled to Arus, only to find it devastated … Voltron is a colossal robot made from five mechanical lions combining together.